Commercial Kitchen Extraction London UK

Commercial Kitchen Extraction London UK

Using the most suitable kitchen extraction systems in your commercial kitchens is a regulatory necessity. It’s a must-have in the industry. To protect the health and security of your staff and customers, the air must be regulated and clean to breathe.

Huge levels of heat in the kitchen is created by stoves and burners, and chefs and kitchen staff often have to endure very hot and sweaty working conditions.

If there is no extraction mechanism in place, to deal with the heat, smoke, and hazardous gases, produced by all of the kitchen combustion processes circulating in the air, this can often spread to other parts of the building. If customers become affected, they can decide to take their business elsewhere in the future and it’s lost revenue for you.

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Why does your Kitchen Need a Commercial Extraction System?

At Fan Services we have often come across a considerable number of commercial kitchens that are not equipped with any type of extraction equipment. Or often a kitchen can be too small for the scale of the operations they are trying to achieve.

All commercial kitchens in London UK are required to have an extraction system installed in the kitchen. Anyone who has been in say a restaurant kitchen will be aware of the consequences of fires, particularly grease fires. Precautions should always be in place to avoid them.

What does a commercial kitchen extraction insurer say?

It is recommended that, at a minimum, yearly cleaning of all systems should be carried out ideally by professionals. How often exactly, depends on what is established after carrying out a reasoned risk assessment on-site.

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Effective Design of an Extraction Hood

Choosing the most practical, effective, energy efficient design is critical when it comes to having the best possible extraction system at your disposal. Canopy hoods for example, are available in a variety of designs and can be positioned against walls and on ceilings. Single island hoods can be established over cooking equipment such as cooking stoves.

The effective functioning of a canopy hood must ensure that cooking gases are removed as efficiently as possible. To do this, the hood must be wide enough to completely enclose the appliance, to prevent fumes from spilling out.

The placement of the hood should be as near to the kitchen equipment as is practical. Before selecting a canopy hood, get statistics of the anticipated ventilation rate for the kitchen before making your decision.

A great deal of heat is absorbed by canopies inside a commercial kitchen, which is why it is necessary to use non-combustible materials the correct materials as per DW172 and DW144.


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What Does an Extraction System Need?

For an extraction system to function properly, three components must in place:

  • Kitchen exhaust fans – used to remove air, oil, smoke, and gas from the kitchen
  • Replacement of contaminated air in the kitchen with fresh, clean air
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature in the kitchen

Other considerations:

  • Regular deep cleaning is not done often enough
  • The number of and size of appliances in the kitchen can have a bearing
  • Equipment is not properly maintained, and is not serviced regularly

Proper Control of Room Temperature

Not managing the temperature of a commercial kitchen large or small can potentially pose a threat to food safety. The higher the air temperature is, more quickly can the food poisoning germs build up and spread rapidly in the air and to surfaces and food.

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This means that the amount of time spent preparing and cooking foods will have an impact on the number of bacteria that can grow. Germs generated, spread more slowly if temperature is lower. So, you can see how important commercial kitchen extraction is.

Commercial Extraction System Cleaning – It’s Essential

Watch for a buildup of oil and grease in the canopy and ducting and check the air filter regularly. In a food business, cooking can’t stop you know that, and extraction of unhealthy air is needed constantly.  You can avoid kitchen fires, by cleaning the Extraction System regularly, and by scheduling time to book a professional. Do this at regular intervals throughout the year to remove buildup of grease and any other flammable materials.

A professional will carry out some or all the following tasks:

  • canopy cleaning
  • cleaning filters
  • extractor fan cleaning
  • cleaning the ducts throughout the structure.

Deep cleaning must be performed by a licensed professional. This ensures that the work is done correctly and to the highest standards of compliance, but also to meet business insurance requirements.

Failure to do these things on a regular basis will pose a threat to the safe, efficient cost-effective running of your kitchen. Furthermore, your system can be inspected as part of any legal and regulatory health & safety inspections, at any time. So be ready.

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Extraction for Commercial Kitchens – a Summary

It is not an easy task to design and install an extraction system for a commercial kitchen on your own. Along with the design, there are also health and safety standards, workplace rules, plus fire and gas regulations to think about.

Commercial food businesses such as restaurants, cafes, takeaways and ghost kitchens have a responsibility to guarantee that their customers and employees always work and dine in a safe environment.

By keeping everything clean you won’t need to worry about replacements and your system can continue to work efficiently for a longer time.

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Ask Fan Services Ltd if you need help

We help with extraction systems in all aspects including: maintenance, supply, installation, repair and professional duct cleaning. We have the experience you are looking for, and we’re trusted and relied on by our customers.

Our professional engineers are exceptionally qualified in all aspects of Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems. We 100% promise you a service you will greatly appreciate.

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Assisting commercial food establishments including:

Fast Food chains and independents
Limited companies and self employed
Sports Event providers
If you have had a bad experience with a different extractor fan company we will help – you can rely on us.

Fan Services Ltd provides the following services:


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We will help you by first looking at what your needs are, and which solution would fit those needs best – as well as creating a system to fit any sized commercial kitchen. Once the design is ready, we will install everything and maintenance and servicing is optional.

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