are dark kitchens causing problems or adding value

Dark Kitchens in London & the Takeaway Boom

A dark kitchen otherwise known as a ghost kitchen, cloud kitchen or shadow kitchen, is attended by professional cooks who prepare meals for either a virtual restaurant or a restaurant from shipping containers, empty rooms or retail spaces. Meals can then be collected to be given to a customer as a takeaway, or collected to be delivered to a customer’s address.

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commercial kitchen ventilation

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Nowadays, we have a very high expectation of standards when it comes to restaurants and others making our food. We want our food to be professionally prepared without being able to question the hygiene of the kitchen making it. We also expect the dining room to be perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, fresh air, and some pretty ornaments to accompany us during our dining experience.

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commercial kitchen ventilation systems

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems

In a commercial kitchen a ventilation system is an essential piece of the jigsaw that keeps a commercial kitchen functioning. It might look like just a box where air can enter, but on closer inspection it is a series of parts that when combined, allows efficient ventilation for the kitchen as well as for health of the kitchen staff. Having a safe working environment is essential.

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extractor fans commercial, emergency extractor fan repair, emergency commercial fan repair

Emergency Commercial Extractor Fan Repairs and Replacements

Emergency repairs for commercial extractor fans in kitchens is a service provided by fan repair professionals throughout the UK. Usually an experienced team is selected to carry out the work. Get the best emergency repair service for kitchen extraction and commercial extractor fans.

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fan services ltd repairing london

Running an Efficient Commercial Extraction System

Commercial Extraction Systems should contain high quality extraction and exhaust fans. A hot and greasy environment is not very healthy and a commercial kitchen should be able to endure these types of conditions. Here an extractor canopy provides the necessary change in the quality of air.

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