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Established in London since 2015, with an excellent reputation, Fan Services is your go to, A to Z expert in all aspects of commercial Kitchen ventilation and extraction systems. We don’t deal with air conditioning and we don’t deal with heating – professional ventilation and extraction is our area of expertise! We might not have installed your commercial kitchen in London, but Fan Services Ltd can provide you with maintenance and repair visits.

Whether it’s a broken down commercial extractor fan, an overheated commercial kitchen, a canopy hood, a system upgrade, a broken duct or an unresponsive motor we can help! In fact if there is absolutely anything affecting your extraction system, let us know! You can rely on our team of dedicated specialists to respond quickly; we’re ready to repair and maintain all the moving parts, to keep your kitchen (your business, your livelihood) going.  

We thoroughly assess your extraction system, and we keep you informed of recommendations at every single stage.

We 100% guarantee to fully restore your kitchen to its optimal operating standards in the fastest possible time – we have the parts & the equipment ready & we’re quick!

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    Commercial Kitchen Repair and Maintenance Near Me

    Keeping everything in your kitchen functioning smoothly take a lot of time and commitment. An efficient extraction system has very many interconnecting parts, all relying upon the other. Keeping everything clean is just one legal objective you have, and there are others of course. However when your system either slows, drops in performance or worst case stops completely and breaks down what will you do? You need the proven help from a professional engineer. Fan Services undertakes all repairs, maintenance  and servicing in accordance with up-to-date legislation. Ideally a HVAC extraction system should be tested and inspected regularly at set intervals – don’t leave anything to chance.

    Making sure your commercial kitchen equipment is always available

    Available 24/7 – Breakdown Response Service. We attend emergency calls every week every year all to make sure your kitchen keeps running and maintains kitchen uptime. So if the fan the canopy, the ducting is in need of a quick or extensive repair, or if indeed a replacement is required we can confidently do this for you – affordably and quickly.

    Inadequate ventilation can cause of fires. Fan Services has fully qualified, experienced & dedicated engineers. Remember in the long run: prevention is always better than cure. 

    Fan Services Ltd – We’re Here to Help

    Extractor Fan Upgrades (CLICK TO READ MORE)

    Fan Services will repair or replace commercial extractor fans, and we will provide a fast efficient service to restore any other problems you have including cooker hoods and extractor fans. Whether it is an overheated kitchen or a higher than expected cooking volume, Fan Services will provide you with all available options to upgrade your existing ventilation system and keep your costs down. Our engineers are on standby and are available in emergencies 24/7.

    Anti Vibration Solutions (CLICK TO READ MORE)

    Sounds arise as a result of the vibration when mounting the extraction system on the structure of a building. Fan Services uses the latest technologies to help with reducing the vibration being transmitted into nearby structures.

    Installation & Replacement of Carbon Filters (CLICK TO READ MORE)

    Activated Carbon is by far the most widely used odour control method. We at Fan Services specialise in the design install or replace your carbon filters with minimal disturbance to your business. Used for Kitchen extract odour control, commercial food manufacture, and supply and extract systems, activated carbon discarb cells can be used for the reduction of odour or for gas control, offering an easy way to house bonded carbon panels so they can be mounted in a range of filter housings.

    Noise and Nuisance Control (CLICK TO READ MORE)

    For new premises or premises covered by planning conditions restricting the impact of noise, your bespoke system will be designed to prevent an acoustic impact on the external environment. Thus reducing harm to the business premises, as well as ensuring that noise exposure experienced by kitchen staff is not an excessive hazard (As per DEFRA Guidance)

    Odour & Ozone Control. UV and Electrostatic Filters (CLICK TO READ MORE)

    Defra Guidance sets the rules on the control of odour from commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Ozone generators and electrostatic precipitator principles are highly recommended options to control the odours from your extractor system. For everything from adding UV Filtration to Ozone odour control or Electrostatic filter (ESP) we will help you to get your business back on track and quickly.

    Upgrade of Ductwork / Extractor Hood Canopy (CLICK TO READ MORE)

    We understand that systems can be inherited when taken over an existing business. You should clean your kitchen extraction duct on a regular basis as part of maintaining your kitchen extractor system. You may find that you need a replacement duct or canopy and if you do then our friendly team of experts are here to help. Avoid an increase of carbon monoxide within the kitchen and ask us for advice. We are here to upgrade or extend your extractor hood canopy and ductwork 7 days a week – We’re just a phone call away! Select the other 2 tabs above to reveal more.

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    What are the advantages of looking after your fan, canopy and ventilation system

    Save Money

    1. Avoid Replacement Costs: Repairing is more cost effective than replacing. You have commercial extraction equipment, including extractor fans and ventilation systems, so it can get expensive to fully replace these. Looking after them or repairing can extend the life of the equipment and parts.
    2. Be More Energy Efficient: It speaks volumes when your ventilation system and extractor fan is so well maintained and very efficient, all because you take the time to maintain it. Using less energy means cost savings for your business.

    Comply with Regulations:

    1. Are you Health and Safety Compliant?: There are strict health and safety regulations in place for commercial kitchens in London. These include exhaust and ventilation expectations. Readiness to repair and maintain the workings of your kitchen, means you’re always meeting required standards and avoiding legal issues.
    2. Meet Fire Safety Requirements: When your extraction system is working as it is designed to, you’re reducing the risk of a fire. You’ll know about grease build up, and how this is a real danger, and how much of a fire hazard it can be. Protection your kitchen and your staff with increased fire safety awareness.

    Improve Air Quality and Comfort:

    1. Removal of Smoke & Odours: You can’t do this without a reliable extractor fan and ventilation system. Make sure you have a kitchen environment where everyone enjoys working.
    2. Your Customers Will Notice: Believe it or not, your customers will benefit in various ways from a commercial kitchen that’s well-ventilated. You’ll be reducing the risk of all of those unwanted issues in the kitchen (eg odours and air contaminants) from finding their way into dining areas.


    commercial extractor fan repair and maintenance london

    Commercial kitchen ventilation system repair and maintenance company in London

    At Fan Services Ltd, we totally understand how critical it is to have a commercial kitchen that’s well maintained. Your ventilation system is at the centre of all cooking and extraction operations and we have all of the experience and expertise you need. Trusted by hundreds of commercial food operations across London, we will cater to all your commercial kitchen extraction needs. Our dedication, knowledge and ability to implement quickly sets us apart as a leader in our industry.

    With us you have: Unrivalled expertise, a prompt and reliable service, safety and compliance, solutions tailored to your unique needs, and affordable solutions.

    Does the fan or ventilation in your system need repairing or replacing – How do you know?

    Have you noticed something different about your extraction system? Something’s doesn’t seem quite right? Is it your fan or could it be the canopy..or perhaps the ducting needs proper assessment? If something’s in a bad state and it’s been poorly maintained, you already have a reason to contact a commercial ventilation expert. It’s always best to spot an issue before it becomes a major problem.

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    There are signs you can look out for and these will help you to decide on the steps you should take (repair, replacement or maintenance):

    1. A drop in performance: (smoke not being extracted and reduced airflow).
    2. Sudden unusual noises: possible mechanical issues with the fan or the extraction system (damaged or worn out | clanging and rattling noises)
    3. Hot and cold spots in the kitchen: air isn’t being distributed evenly around the kitchen.
    4. A sudden increase in kitchen energy running costs: It’s possible that your extractor fan and your systems are using more energy to carry out the same tasks.
    5. Always make sure your kitchen is compliant: Ensure everything is checked and assessed on a regular basis. Adhering to correct health and safety is essential.
    6. How long have you been using your kitchen extraction equipment?: Even the very best systems lose efficiency over time and so this can lead to equipment stopping, breaking down and becoming less reliable. When it gets to this point it’s often better to replace what is broken.
    7. How many times have you had a repairer on site? : If your answer is multiple times, it’s unfortunate that the lifespan of your equipment may be expiring. Ongoing maintenance costs can rack up, so an option is to consider replacements.
    8. A lot of Grease and dirt has accumulated: a fire risk – particularly around the canopy, ducting and extractor fan
    9. Strong odours won’t go away: the ventilation system isn’t working properly. Affects diners and staff.

    Best Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Repairs and Maintenance in London

    As a leading HVAC provider located in London, Fan Services has the expertise and the experience you need. In London alone you will find other companies who will promise you a certain level of service that they can’t fulfill.

    Our excellent record and reputation stands out, and we promise you an impeccable service, positive helpful attitude and conscientious work ethic. Furthermore, we are local in London, we’re affordable, quick, and we use high quality materials and resources for all work carried out.

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    Commercial Extractor Fan, Hood Repair and Maintenance is Just a Phone Call Away!

    Commercial Kitchen ventilation and extraction systems is our speciality. We will take on the stress and the worry for you..

    We have established ourselves as top experts and standard bearers in HVAC repairs and maintenance for Commercial premises all over London and around the surrounding county areas. Being London based, we cover all parts of London, City of London, Inner London and Outer London including: Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Islington and Camden 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

    Also Outer London: Barnet, Brent, Ealing, Hounslow, Richmond Upon Thames. Kingston upon Thames, Merton, Sutton, Croydon, Bromley, Lewisham, Greenwich, Bexley, Havering. Lewisham, Barking znd Dagenham, Redbridge, Newham, Waltham Forest, Haringey, Enfield, Harrow and Hillingdon.

    Why Choose Fan Services Ltd?

    Fan Services Ltd is a leading provider of commercial kitchen extraction repair, maintenance, supply and installation. Quote and initial consultation is free.
    We have over 8 years of experience and we also provide: project planning & design, with the implementation of high quality equipment (commercial grade high quality).  Our services are available across London and nearby surrounding areas.

    Rectifying emergency commercial extractor and ventilation faults

    Rectifying emergency commercial extractor and ventilation faults 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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