Regular Commercial Kitchen Extractor Duct Cleaning

Why is Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning Important?

Duct cleaning and maintenance in commercial kitchens in London is extremely important. However, a busy kitchen has to work efficiently for the benefit of both kitchen staff, your business and your customers.  There are however, those who take great risks where they choose to delay, ignore or are genuinely unaware of the need to keep the ducting clean. Commercial ducts should be free of unwanted waste, health hazards and bacteria build up.

So what should happen? Any unwanted impurities in the air are pulled in through the extraction system and out through ducting. If you don’t keep the ducting clean it can often lead to an expensive repair or even the need to replace your old ducting for new.

If you notice grease within the duct, this can build up quite quickly over a relatively short period of time and excessive build up can be a major fire risk. It’s important to note that it’s your responsibility to keep everything clean, so you meet local health and safety guidelines. If you would like Fan Services to clean the ducting in your commercial kitchen let us know.

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Duct Cleaning – Stay Compliant with Local Regulations

You may be wondering why duct cleaning is so important? Compliance with local regulations is essential and a Council official can pop up at your door any time.

Stay one step ahead and look after your kitchen; it involves getting your hands dirty but it will all be worth the time and energy you put in. Besides mopping floors, wiping surfaces and keeping filters clean, grease build up should be removed from ducts. A fire hazard, any build up of grease should be scraped away. Cleaning can be done with a safe blend of chemically treated hot water. Grease should always be removed safely.

As a result, chemical treatments should always be a last resort. For instance:

  • biocides can be applied to remove microbiological contamination
  • a chemical treatment can be used to cover the inside surface of the ducting



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Professional Duct Cleaning – Steps to Success – do it the right way

Done correctly, Professional Duct Cleaning is a much needed service across London for commercial food service businesses:

  • Prepare before cleaning
  • Have knowledge of extraction systems and ducting equipment
  • Solve problems as they happen on your premises
  • Cleaning thoroughly and remove waste safely
  • Work safely at all times
  • Use any tools, materials and equipment expertly and with care

Keep everything clean – it will save you money

Have you reached a point where you have to replace the ducting or the whole extraction system? It’s fair to say, you will usually be looking at a larger expense. By keeping everything in order, you won’t have to worry about major replacements in the long term, and your system will continue to work efficiently in the meantime.


Ask Fan Services Ltd to Check & Clean your Duct

We have the experience you and your business needs. Trusted and reliable, our team of engineers are exceptionally qualified in all aspects of ductwork and commercial kitchens. Ultimately, we 100% promise you a service you will greatly appreciate.

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We help commercial kitchen establishments across London

For instance:

  1. Caterers
  2. Industrial
  3. Fast Food chains and independents
  4. Restaurants
  5. Pubs
  6. Cafes
  7. Bakeries
  8. Limited companies and self employed
  9. Sports Event providers

If you have had a bad experience with a different extractor fan company we will help – you can rely on us.

We Provide Exceptional Duct Cleaning Services and:


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Duct Cleaning for your Commercial Kitchen – Call 0203 539 1475

If you are planning on sourcing, planning and installing new ducting for your commercial kitchen perhaps you need a professional cleaner? Get in touch. We are specialists in not just cleaning, but also repairing, installation and design.

Fan Services Ltd is long established and based in London. Get your kitchen up and running quickly if you are having any problems!  We provide services across London, and we will first assess what your needs are. Then we will decide which solution will fit those needs best.

Fan Services has an Emergency Call Out Service – 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Getting the right people on board is important. Get in touch we’d love to help. You can use our contact form – it’s quick and easy to fill out. Or you can email or call our office in London 0203 5391475 / mobile phone 0759 500 3000 to discuss your requirements. Contact us for an initial chat.