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HVAC Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Design & Installation – London & Surrounding Areas

For nearly a decade (since 2015), Fan Services Ltd has navigated the complexities of everything that goes into HVAC ventilation planning, designing, repairing, installing and maintaining commercial kitchens across London UK. We provide the V (ventilation and extraction) in HVAC.

We are proud to say that our reputation is built on a solid foundation of success with happy clients across various types of food services, including Subway, Fulham FC and Zing Zing to name a few.

At Fan Services Ltd we understand the customer’s needs, the tasks required, and the speed of completion that you expect.

Additionally, we understand fully, the unique demands of your commercial kitchen. we make sure of:

Utilising kicthen space efficiently, complying with all local health and safety regulations, integrating high-quality, durable extraction systems and components. We bring aour expertise & experienced HVAC ventilation engineers to every project.

Emergency HVAC Ventilation 24/7

Regardless of the size of your extraction and ventilation project, our commitment is available. We will design a ventilation and extraction system that not only aligns with day to day cooking demands, but a system to fit your budget and your timelines (we also design, repair, supply and install different parts such as fan, hood, ducting to integrate with your current system if this is what is required).

Don’t worry if your site is difficult to access. Our office is local in London and we have the resources to carry out tasks and projects quickly. If need be, we procure specialised equipment from around the globe – and this sets us apart.

At Fan Services Ltd, we go the extra mile for our customers who have been with us for many years. On site our engineers are nothing short of exceptional in everything they do.

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Provider of Successful HVAC Extraction & Ventilation Since 2015

Fan Services Ltd over the years has designed and installed many different ventilation systems for different types of commercial kitchens across different food sectors including: restaurants, takeaways, cafes, Football clubs, hotels, industrial caterers, care homes as well as bakeries, schools and higher education providers.

Do you need a large scale installation? Perhaps it’s a smaller project for a pub or a cafe? Whatever it is Fan Services can help.

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HVAC Extraction Supply and Installation Services

When you’re looking for someone to do the job right first time, you’re looking for the best and for someone who knows what it takes to put your vision into reality.


We’ll carry out an assessment at your premises, and carry out a location survey.


After you have accepted our quote, we will create the bespoke extraction design.


After the planning and design stages, we’ll supply and install everything so you don’t have to worry, we will take care of everything.

The highest quality equipment is selected and we make sure your kitchen will operate at its very best for the daily tasks your kitchen staff are required to do.

When your kitchen is switched back on and it’s running, you won’t be forgotten. We provide all support and advice afterwards and you will meet all the required local commercial kitchen regulations.

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Restaurant HVAC Ventilation London 24/7

A restaurant kitchen is designed to be efficient, safe and has designated culinary prep and cooking spaces.

We provide the V in HVAC. Imagine you have a beautifully designed kitchen, and combine that with excellent kitchen functionality. Kitchen workflow is optimised, kitchen safety is enhanced, and all available kitchen space is utilised effectively.

The work of a restaurant commercial kitchen ventilation specialist in London, is critical to the overall outcome and ongoing health of a restaurant kitchen. A well-designed ventilation system means you have efficient food prep and cooking processes, and happy customers.

Essentially you need to think of how best to blend functionality with style. Consider the different complexities of safety regulations and operational demands. 

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STEP 1: Initial Consultation and Site Assessment

  1. Initial Meeting
    About Client Requirements: Discuss the specific needs of the kitchen, including cooking equipment, kitchen layout, and any other special considerations.
    Regulations and Codes: Go over the local building codes and fire safety regulations.
  2. HVAC Site Survey
    Measure Dimensions: Measure up the kitchen space.
    Inspect Any Existing Ventilation Systems: Evaluate any existing ventilation systems and determine what condition they are in.
    Identify Additional Potential Challenges: Look for potential obstacles such as structural limitation, electrical constraints, or extra access issues.

STEP 2: Design Phase

  1. Load Calculation
    Heat Load: The total heat load generated by cooking the equipment is calculated.
    Ventilation Airflow Requirements: We determine the required airflow which will ensure best effective extraction and ventilation.
  2. System Design
    Hood Selection: We select the appropriate type and size of hood (e.g., wall-mounted, island, exhaust hoods, or proximity hoods) based on the current equipment and layout.
    Ductwork Design: We plan the routing of the ductwork to ensure minimal resistance, plus adherance with local regulations. 
    Commercial Exhaust Fan Selection:We  select exhaust fans wich have adequate capacity to handle the calculated airflow.
    HVAC Make-up Air System: We design a make-up air system (needed to replace the exhausted air) to maintain correct balance and pressure.
    Filtration Systems: Filtration is necessary (e.g., grease filters, charcoal filters etc) to meet set air quality standards.
  3. Detailed Drawings and Specifications
    HVAC Ventilation Blueprints: We create detailed blueprints and schematics of the entire ventilation system.
    Equipment Specifications: All detailed component specifications are provided (including hoods, extractor fans, ductwork and controls).

Step 3: Proposal & Approval

  1. An Estimate of the Cost
    Budgeting: We prepare a detailed cost estimate. The cost includes labour,  materials and any other expenses.
  2. Ask the Client to Review
    Presentation: We share with the client the plans, the design and the cost estimate for approval. 
    Make Adjustments: Adjustments to cost estimates are made based upon client feedback.

Step 4: Permits and Compliance

  1. Apply for any Permits
    Submit Applications: Apply for permits from the local authorities.
    Compliance with Codes: We guarantee all designs and plans comply with local fire and building codes.

Step 5: Fabrication and Procurement

  1. Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Materials
    Ordering of Equipment: We procure extractor fans, hoods and ductwork, as well as everything else that’s required.
    Provision of Custom Fabrication: We fabricate custom parts such as ductwork and special hoods.

Step 6: Installation

  1. Ventilation Installation Preparation
    Site Preparation: We will prepare your kitchen for installation. This includes the removal of any old systems, and structural adjustments (if needed) are applied.
  2. The Installation Process
    Install the Hood: We install the kitchen hoods at the set kitchen locations.
    Ductwork Installation: Installation of ductwork according to planned routes.
    Install the Extractor Fan: Install exhaust fans and any make-up air units.
    Electrical Connections: Ensure electrical connections are made for fans, controls and other associated system components.
    Fire Suppression: Integrate agreed fire suppression systems as required by code.

Step 7: Testing and Commissioning

  1. System Testing
    Performance Testing: We test the whole system to ensure it meets the airflow rates from the designs. We make sure the system captures heat and air contaminants effectively.
    Balanced Airflow: We adjust and balance the make-up air system sufficiently, so the kitchen pressure is correctly maintained.
  2. Safety and Compliance Checks
    Inspections: We carry out a full inspection to verify compliance with local regulations and safety standards.

Step 8: Final Documents and Handover

  1. Documents
    Operation Manuals: We provide detailed operation and maintenance manuals.
    Drawings: We supply as-built drawings to reflect any changes made during installation.
  2. The Final Handover
    A Final Walkthrough and Overview: We walk the customer through everything to ensure complete satisfaction. 
    Ongoing Customer Support: We provide post-installation advice.

"HVAC Ventilation - Commercial Kitchen Design & Installation - in London Since 2015"


Fan Services Ltd – Exceptional HVAC Extraction Design and Installation

Design & Installation

As well as designing and supplying complete commercial systems, we separately supply and install custom-designed canopies, hoods and ducting. You will find competitive pricing and we never compromise on quality.

Whether you require wall-mounted or island versions, standard or bespoke sizes, at Fan Services Ltd we ensure the very highest standards of quality across our entire product range.

Reach out to us for expert supply and installation services for any single kitchen component or for an entire  commercial kitchen.

Maintenance & Servicing

We offer servicing and maintenance designed to keep your commercial kitchen equipment in peak condition.

Our approach includes proactive kitchen maintenance visits by arrangement and routine servicing, available through flexible contractual agreements.

Moreover, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the installations we perform. We are ready to help even if your kitchen was not originally installed by us. Leave it in our hands so you don’t have to worry.


Repair & Maintenance

We take care of absolutely everything when you book a kitchen design and installation service with us.

We don’t provide these services for home or residential.

Your project is in good hands with Fan Services Ltd.

For expert commercial kitchen repairs and maintenance, you can contact us.

Our team is ready to provide you with exceptional services and we’re quick to respond to emergencies 24/7..

Excellent Customer Care & 5 Star Reviews

Since 2015, Fan Services Ltd has consistently prioritised exceptional customer service. This is reflected in the many 5-star Google reviews we’ve received from clients across London and the surrounding counties.

With our head office located in the heart of London,  we are conscientious in every project we undertake – and just a drive away!

You can enjoy our continued support post-project, and our relationship with our clients doesn’t end with the final installation or service call.

We make sure our clients feel valued and supported long after the initial work has been carried out. Any needs or concerns are promptly taken care of.

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HVAC ventilation repairs and maintenance is highly specialised and getting the right people on board – affordable too – is a must.  …and if you have an emergency, we’re right here – reliable and loca in Londonl.

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We have travelled outside of London to other areas before on request, so let us know where you are and we can decide on the next steps.

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