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Commercial Kitchen Extraction Installers Create a Healthy Cooking Environment

A commercial kitchen isn’t just a place where food is prepared. Diners waiting for their food order aren’t always aware of the technicalities involved behind the scenes when it comes to running a commercial kitchen. People and namely workers in a commercial kitchen are exposed to excess grease, steam, carbon monoxide, heat, and odour amongst other things. If this is not well managed it can cause safety and health issues for all, so it is essential to provide a safe kitchen environment.
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How Important is a Commercial Kitchen Ventilation and Extraction System?

A commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation system that is fully working, maintained and doing its job for the kitchen and the kitchen staff is essential. In basic terms contaminated air, grease and excess heat is extracted and clean air is allowed in. Temperature inside a food service kitchen, has the potential to get very high so a workplace which is comfortable for chefs and kitchen staff is essential when working long hours in a demanding role.
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Commercial Kitchen Extraction

The use of the right kitchen extraction and ventilation systems in commercial kitchens is a regulatory necessity and is a must-have in this industry. To protect the health and security of all those who work in a commercial kitchen, the air must be regulated and clean to breathe for staff and diners alike.
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Dark Kitchens in London & the Takeaway Boom

A dark kitchen otherwise known as a ghost kitchen, cloud kitchen or shadow kitchen, is attended by professional cooks who prepare meals for either a virtual restaurant or a restaurant from shipping containers, empty rooms or retail spaces. Meals can then be collected to be given to a customer as a takeaway, or collected to be delivered to a customer’s address.

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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Nowadays, we have a very high expectation of standards when it comes to restaurants and others making our food. We want our food to be professionally prepared without being able to question the hygiene of the kitchen making it. We also expect the dining room to be perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, fresh air, and some pretty ornaments to accompany us during our dining experience.

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