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   Commercial Kitchen Extraction in Ealing  – Fan Services, who are we?

At Fan Services Ltd, we have a range of HVAC solutions (extraction and ventilation) for you, spanning Ealing and throughout the rest of London. Established in 2015, we take great pleasure in delivering exceptional custom commercial kitchen and ventilation services.

We help: cafes, restaurants, industrial kitchens, bakeries, and takeaways, and our experienced engineers are highly skilled to provide every possible solution for your broken kitchen.

Just like the iconic Ealing Studios in the film industry, Fan Services Ltd stands as a beacon of excellence in HVAC. From free estimates to on-site commercial kitchen service, repair and installation 24 hours a day, we get your kitchen up and running quickly even during your busiest times.

Ealing is a west London borough, filled with charm, character, and a rich history. Ealing has beautiful parks, historic landmarks, and a vibrant community. Ask Fan Services what Ealing is like – we visit to help commercial kitchens in Ealing regularly.

Ealing is a borough that has something for everyone. Whether films is your thing or if you’re a foodie, Ealing will prove to be a memorable experience.

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Ealing is a charming borough nestled in West London, bursting with character and community spirit – not far away from Fan Services Ltd.  One of the most wonderful things about Ealing is its Cultural Diversity. With a vibrant mix of cultures and traditions, the borough comes alive with entertaining cultural events, festivals, and markets throughout the year.

Ealing is steeped in History and boasts several historic landmarks; one of which is Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery, once the home of renowned architect Sir John Soane. A must for history buffs and art enthusiasts. Ealing Studios, mentioned earlier, is the oldest working film studio in the world. You can read more about things to do in Ealing on this page.

HVAC Maintenance in Ealing

If you require a speedy service Fan Services can help. We are dedicated to giving you the highest standards of customer satisfaction, and you can always be guaranteed of the best possible experience when you choose Fan Services in Ealing. Through hard work and excellent results for our customers we have earned a 5 star reputation.

Our aim is to over deliver for professional planning and design, supply & installation, maintenance & extraction repair; and we are an affordable service provider serving Ealing since 2015.

Are you a restaurant, café, or takeaway owner in need of reliable and trustworthy engineers?

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Your kitchen staff and diners deserve a safe environment while they are at your premises; and free from any harmful airborne particles. We’re here to make sure your kitchen extraction & ventilation runs smoothly while keeping your energy costs in check.

Since our launch in 2015, Fan Services has become a trusted name in Ealing & across London. With lasting partnerships with local business, we continue our passion for HVAC, and our commitment to high standards and reliability makes us the go-to HVAC service provider in the area.

Passionate about serving the Camden community, whether you’re facing issues with ventilation, extraction, or energy efficiency, Fan Services has the expertise you need – with minimal downtime for your kitchen. From commercial extraction canopies to advanced extractor fans and ducting systems, we’ve got the solutions to keep your kitchen running smoothly. Focus on what you do best; serving up delicious meals for your customers – and leave the rest to us.


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Is your Commercial Kitchen Extraction & Ventilation System Working Properly?..

When we ask this question these are some of the responses we receive:

  1. “I’m not entirely sure. We’ve been experiencing some issues lately, like lingering smells and excessive heat in the kitchen.”
  2. “I think it’s working, but it doesn’t seem as efficient as it used to be. We’ve noticed a buildup of grease and moisture around the vents.”
  3. “Honestly, I haven’t had a chance to check. We’ve been so busy lately that maintenance has taken a backseat.”
  4. “I believe so, but we’ve had a few complaints from staff about poor air quality and discomfort in the kitchen.”
  5. “I’m not confident it’s working properly. We’ve had some instances of smoke lingering longer than usual during busy service hours.”
  6. “We’ve had some strange noises coming from the system lately, and the airflow doesn’t seem as strong as it should be.”
  7. “I’m not sure. We had a technician look at it a few months ago, but we’re still experiencing issues with smoke and odours.”
  8. “To be honest, I haven’t thought about it. But now that you mention it, we’ve had some problems with the kitchen feeling stuffy and overheated.”
  9. “Everything has stopped working and we need urgent help.”

With Fan Services you receive unrivalled dedication, and our aim is to exceed your expectations. So whether it’s repairs, replacements, professional design and planning, supply and installation, or ongoing maintenance for all kitchen sizes, Fan Services Ltd is prepared with all the parts & ready to help.

Supply & Installation for HVAC in Ealing

We understand you will have some HVAC supply and installation questions; and for a quick repair or a more complex installation, our team provides clear answers.

Be assured, our affordable quotes are competitive and transparent. Our customers receive the best possible value for the investment you place in us and in your long lasting commercial kitchen. Commercial grade materials are used to  ensure a long lasting, reliable HVAC system.

Our London-based team can be contacted on 0203 539 1475. We’re fully equipped and prepared – and ready to help you.


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Are you looking for something to do in Ealing?

Ealing is a west London borough, filled with charm, character, and a rich history. Ealing has beautiful parks, historic landmarks, and a vibrant community. Ask Fan Services what Ealing is like – we visit to help commercial kitchens in Ealing regularly.

Incase you didn’t know: Ealing Studios established in 1902 is one of Ealing’s most famous landmarks. Some of the most beloved British films have been made there including “The Ladykillers,” “Kind Hearts and Coronets,” and “The Lavender Hill Mob.” Ealing Studios offers studio tours and film screening at the on site cinema.

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Outdoors & the Nature in Ealing

If you are looking for escapism, beauty and green space, Ealing also has a range of beautiful parks including Walpole Park, in the heart of Ealing. It’s a beautiful Victorian park comprising landscaped gardens, a pond, and a historic Pitzhanger Manor. There is also Gunnersbury Park and Acton Park nearby.

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Fan Services Map

Where is Ealing, London

Driving Directions Ealing

Places to Eat Out in Ealing

If it’s a tasty option you are looking for, for traditional British, The Grange Pub in Ealing Common can be found: the pub offers a range of dishes, from traditional fish and chips to Sunday roasts. Other notable restaurants in the area include The Weir Bar and Dining, which offers modern British cuisine, and Papaya, a Thai restaurant located in Northfields. These are popular commercial food business and there are many more across Ealing.

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Sports & Leisure

For football fans, Ealing is closely situated to two professional football clubs: Queens Park Rangers and Brentford FC. Fans can travel to both stadiums using public transport links, like the London Underground and the local bus services. In Ealing you can visit Southall FC to watch semi-professional football. Here are more sports and leisure activities to enjoy:

  • Perivale Park Athletics Track – A modern athletics facility.
  • Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club.
  • Ealing Lawn Tennis Club.
  • Brent Valley Golf Course – A public golf course offering 18 holes of golf.
  • Ealing Swimming Club – for all ages.
  • Ealing Cricket Club.
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Travelling in Ealing

To travel from Ealing to Fan Services at postcode NW6 3QH, you can take the Central line from Ealing Broadway to West Acton, and then transfer to the Piccadilly line and alight at Willesden Green station, followed by a short walk. Alternatively, you can take the 266 bus, which runs regularly. Go here for guidance.

Ealing is a borough that has something for everyone. Whether films is your thing or if you’re a foodie, Ealing will prove to be a memorable experience.

To help you to navigate your way around Ealing and London you will find this website useful where you can enter ‘from’ and ‘to’ location data, and you will then see a variety of ways to travel.

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