What is HVAC?

What is HVAC? ..the Importance of Kitchen Ventilation

In any commercial kitchen, you want peace of mind knowing you have optimal ventilation in place.  Whether it’s your first ever kitchen or you’ve been running your business for a long time, understanding the fundamentals of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) is crucial.

Fan Services Ltd focuses exclusively on ventilation and extraction for commercial kitchens for various types of food businesses across London and Greater London.

HVAC is a common term that people use, but what does HVAC mean? How does HVAC apply to your kitchen? Fan Services Ltd provides HVAC ventilation solutions across London & Greater London and here you will find HVAC broken down for you including the basics.

What Does HVAC Mean & What is HVAC?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning and includes interconnecting different systems to move unwanted air from the kitchen to the outdoors, as well as providing appropriate heating and cooling. These systems also filter and clean indoor air, which means you can breathe clean air and humidity is kept to the right levels.

How does HVAC work?

In simple terms, a HVAC system in a commercial kitchen is comprised of several components that work seamlessly together to:

  • manage room temperature
  • remove contaminantsin the air
  • to supply fresh air,
  • maintain energy efficiency
  • meet compliance with local code and regulations.


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 What’s the Purpose of a HVAC System?

A HVAC system doesn’t just warm a room up or cool a room down. Instead, it improves indoor air quality and provides comfort for patrons and staff in the building. There are different types of HVAC systems available, but essential the functionality is basically the same.

First, fresh air is brought in (this is called ventilation). There are 2 different types of ventilation: Natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation.

Natural Ventilation

..is when air usually moves in and out through for example windows, vents and doors.

Mechanical Ventilation

..uses a mechanical system to move the air in and out ‐ did you notice the V in HVAC ?

Mechanical ventilation removes heat, smoke, and grease from the air by utilising  ducting and exhaust hoods. Make-up air units are included to replace the extracted air, and this makes for an environment which is safe, comfortable to work in, and complaint.

Understanding the Importance of HVAC Ventilation

Ventilation plays a very important role in regulating the quality of air; safety standards have to be maintained at all times.

Ventilation is not like heating or air conditioning. Proper ventilation ensures you have effective airflow, which prevents smoke, steam, grease vapours and any odours from building up. .

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Each Commercial Kitchen Has Its Own Unique HVAC requirements

Each commercial kitchens requires a custom approach when it comes to designing, supplying and installing a ventilation system.

Cafes and Restaurants:

Mostly, a cafe will usually have a smaller cooking area, so the type of extractor fan may be more discreet, specific but also varied.

A restaurant will typically have a much larger kitchen, where a more robust approach is required in order to create a system which is more accommodating for regular heavy cooking.

Industrial Kitchens:

You will find that for a large scale cooking facility, cooking on an industrial level, a more comprehensive ducting and canopy system is required.


Bakeries typically become very hot and humid. A well-designed ventilation system is required, in order to manage temperatures and consistent food quality.

Schools, Colleges and Universities:

Schools, colleges, and universities serve hundreds of meals daily. So it goes without saying that these require ventilation which is powerful.

Fast Food Outlets and Takeaways:

Quick extraction of air is needed to handle the constant cooking which itself incurs accumulation of a lot of grease.

Staff Kitchens Within a Large Office Building or a Hospital

Here’s a summary int list of what a commercial kitchen in a large office building or hospital would need:

Capacity and Layout:

Focus is on workflow and on having a spacious layout. Have available different sections such as areas for: preparation, cooking and storage.

Heavy Duty Appliances:

You will need commercial grade high quality ovens, fridges and stoves so you can sustain producing a daily high quantity of meals for customers.

Specialised Equipment:

This includes equipment such as blenders and steamers.

Health and Safety Compliance:

Ensure the kitchen is equipped with sanitation stations as well as food safety management systems.

Ventilation and HVAC:

This is essential for controlling odours, humidity and heat so you can maintain safe working and dining environments.

Meal Service Options:

|Particularly in hospitals, there should be facilities for cafes, meal delivery systems and buffet lines.

Easy Access for Deliveries:

There should be a receiving area for handling food and deliveries.

Energy Efficiency:

Have energy efficient appliances and employ sustainable kitchen practices.

Sensible Integration of Technology:

Reduce waste by adopting an automated system for inventory management and meal ordering.


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Emergency HVAC Services London

We understand better than most, that equipment breaking down in a commercial kitchen can disrupt kitchen operations quite severely.

Commercial Extractor Fan Repair and Installation:

Whether your extractor fan needs an immediate repair or a full replacement, a skilled engineer is what you need.

Ventilation System Design:

You need efficient airflow, and a system that meets the needs of each kitchen.

Hood and Canopy Repair / Installation:

From ductwork to hoods, repairs and new installations should fit seamlessly into your existing kitchen configuration.

Commercial Kitchen Ducting Supply & Installation:

Use the right ducting to reduce fire risks. This will also optimise kitchen airflow.

End to End Ventilation and Extraction Systems:

Look for end-to-end design, together with supply and installation. It’s a whole service that Fan Services provides for all types of commercial kitchens including hospitals, offices and restaurants.


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What are the Benefits of Choosing a Professional HVAC Ventilation Engineer?..

Qualified engineers should deliver the right solution to the appropriate job.

Safe & Compliant:

All installations typically comply with safety regulations.

Custom Solutions:

Customised designs meet the requirements of different kitchens.


When a commercial kitchen is correctly ventilated, energy costs are reduced. This is done by not overusing kitchen equipment, and by optimising airflow.

Aim for High Standards & an Efficient Extraction System

When you’re looking for the best solution, be practically minded. Design is critical. There is a variety of canopy hoods for example (for walls, celings and single islands) so you might find approaching the whole concept of ventilation systems, mind boggling.

Canopy Hood:

A canopy hood removes cooking gases. The hood has to be wide enough to enclose the appliance and to capture all fumes.

Canopy Hood Positioning & Ventilation Rate:

Position the hood as near to the cooker, stove or whatever it is, as close as possible. Before choosing a hood, the ventilation rate for the kitchen should be checked.

Use a hood that contains non-combustible materials (as per DW172 and DW144), because a lot of heat is absorbed by canopies inside a commercial kitchen.


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    FAQs – What is HVAC

    1. Why is ventilation in a commercial kitchen so important?
      Adequate ventilation will remove impurities from the air such as: steam, smoke and grease. You will experience improved air quality and added safety for staff and customers.
    2. How often should a ventilation systems be serviced? Ventilation systems should be serviced at least annually to avoid buildup, and to ensure efficient airflow. Everything should comply with recommended safety standards.
    3. Why are custom ventilation designs important? Custom designs take into account the exact layout, the different types of cooking equipment, as well as air quality.
    4. What signs should I look out for if my commercial extractor fan needs repairing? Listen for unusual noises. There could be reduced airflow, or inconsistent performance. Monitor your fan incase there are issues that require immediate professional attention.
    5. Can poor ventilation magnify fire risks? Yes indeed, inadequate ventilation generally allows grease to accumulate. Regular cleaning and proper ventilation will reduce the risk of fire.
    6. What should I look for when choosing an HVAC service provider in London? Look for certified engineers with experience in commercial kitchen ventilation. A local business that’s able to customise the solution for your kitchen. Are they prompt? Do they comply with relevant safety standards?

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    HVAC Extraction & Ventilation Services

    It is not an easy task for a commercial kitchen owner to design and install an extraction system. There’s not only the design, but there is also the need to adhere to health and safety standards, as well as workplace rules as well as fire and gas regulations.

    Commercial food businesses actually have a responsibility to guarantee that their customers and employees will always work or dine in a safe environment.

    Keep everything clean and can worry less about replacing anything for at least a while longer.

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    Ask the Fan Services Team for help!

    When it comes to HVAC Ventilation, we help with every type of extraction system you can think of. Implementation includes: : maintenance, supply & installation, repair and providing a professional ducting service.

    If experience is what you want, look no further – we have been established since 2015. We’re trusted and relied upon by our customers, and we have excellent 5 Star Reviews.

    Our professional engineers are exceptionally qualified in all aspects of HVAC  Ventilation and Extraction. We 100% promise you a service you will greatly appreciate.

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    Assisting commercial food establishments with HVAC:

    Fast Food chains and independents
    Limited companies and self employed
    Sports Event providers
    If you have had a bad experience with a different extractor fan company we will help – you can rely on us.

    Fan Services Ltd provides the following services:


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    Understanding the basics of HVAC and ventilation, is crucial for commercial kitchen owners. Now you understand more about HVAC systems. To get help, contact us – we are your trusted HVAC ventilation provider.

    Our emergency HVAC service offers peace of mind for businesses in London and Greater London. After our visit your kitchen will run smoothly, so you have no need to worry. Our Emergency Call Out Service is available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Get Fan Services on board, get in touch we’d love to help.

    We will supply and install your commercial extraction system – quickly and we are just a drive away.

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