What is a Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan?

What is a Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan?

A commercial kitchen extractor fan, is also known as an extractor hood or a ventilation hood, and is a type of mechanical ventilation system that is commonly used in commercial kitchens.

The commercial kitchen is where cooking, baking and food preparation takes place, and it is essential for a kitchen to be ventilated.

Essentially, a lack of ventilation endangers health and causes health hazards for customers and staff. Cooking causes a build up of:

  • excess heat
  • odours
  • too much smoke
  • excess steam
  • irritants and contaminants
  • too much grease

Proper kitchen design should always allow for adequate ventilation with the help of a commercial kitchen extractor fan. Additionally, an extractor fan is designed to eliminate all air pollutants.

What about location? Extractor hood canopies are typically installed above the cooking area, such as above a stove or a grill, and they are there to carry the air outside of the building.

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Types of Commercial Extractor Fans Explained

There are several types of commercial extractor fans, including:

  1. Tube axial fan: Similar to axial fans, these are designed to fit inside tubing or a duct and they are used within HVAC systems to enable air to circulate throughout a building.
  2. Propeller fan: One propeller blade is used – it is mounted on a shaft in order to move air. Used often for ventilation and cooling in industrial and agricultural environments.
  3. Centrifugal fan: A spinning impeller draws air into the centre of the extractor fan. Typically used for large ventilation systems, the air is then pushed out through an outlet.
  4. Axial fan: On a central shaft a series of blades are mounted, with the prime aim of moving air parallel to the actual shaft. Additionally, an axial fan is mostly used with smaller types of ventilation systems and whenever air needs to be moved and transported over a longer distance.
  5. A mixed flow fan combines elements of the axial and centrifugal fans. Mixed flow means air can move efficiently not just over short distances but over long distances as well.

There are different extractor fans available where the plate axial fans are very popular, as are cased axial. These are the most common and economic fans.

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Plate Axial Fans

Plate Axial Fans are normally mounted on a wall and vented straight outside. These are mainly used for kitchens, warehouses, chicken sheds, bitcoin mining fans, factories and other places.

A WSK gravity shutter is a ventilation accessory used to regulate airflow in duct systems. It is usually attached from outside. They are available in:

  • single phase
  • three phase

Most have different speed settings and this type of fan does not require the full process of ducting.

Cased Axial Fans

The cased axial fan is used for different reasons:

  • HVAC systems
  • Kitchen ventilation
  • industrial ventilation
  • cooling systems

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An axial flow design is used, to move air through casing or a duct. The blades of the fan are mounted on a rotating shaft at an angle of 90 degrees to the flow of air.

As the blades rotate, the blades will draw air in from one end of the casing and push the air out at the other end. The casing helps to direct and shape the flow of air, so helps with noise reduction.

What is a Commercial Extractor Fan (Axial) Made from?

An axial fan is typically made from a variety of materials, including plastic, aluminium, or steel / metal. The exact materials used can vary depending on the design and the intended use. By using different materials when designing a commercial extractor fan, manufacturers are able to balance out the cost of a fan, in line with performance and durability.

To give durability and strength, the actual blades of a fan are mostly made from plastic or aluminum / metal and the housing of the fan frame is made from a durable metal such as steel.

The fan motor and the components found inside are made from a variety of other materials. For example: the fan motor is usually made from copper windings and steel or aluminum.

A Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System can be implemented in these ways:

  1. One single commercial kitchen exhaust hood with an exhaust fan
  2. includes an entire network of commercial hoods and commercial fans that are connected through a system of multiple ducts


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A Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan for Health and Safety

Ventilation is key to you having a safe and secure commercial kitchen and when more ventilation is needed, using an extractor fan is necessary.

Equipment to facilitate efficient continuous kitchen ventilation is necessary for health and safety purposes. Extraction and ventilation functionality is just as important as the rest of the equipment in your kitchen.

Most Powerful Extractor Fan Kitchen

Additionally, an efficient extraction system design must meet local planning safety regulations criteria. Not being able to extract carbon monoxide and particles from air (risks to breathing and lung illness), is considered high risk by a safety regulator.

Looking after an extraction system will mean it will last longer without breaking down and you will save money. If a kitchen catches fire through lack of care and maintenance, a claim from your insurance company can be rejected.

When it comes to commercial kitchens, each one is different so each kitchen will have its own specific extraction needs which will be dependent upon kitchen size, design and usage.

Install a Quality Ventilation System

If a kitchen carries out a lot of frying there is more of a health hazard to manage, so safe extraction of unwanted environmental contaminants is still required. installing a quality ventilation system helps to reduce risks of gas / carbon monoxide leakages.

Extractor canopies mechanically extract any cooking by products. A regular intake of clean air from the outdoors is released back into the indoor environment to replace the extracted air. An air handling unit may require cooler air in more hotter / humid circumstances.

Correct health and safety should always be a priority in a commercial kitchen.

Here are some extra health and safety tips:

  1. Keep all areas of the kitchen clean and tidy: A clean kitchen is a safe kitchen. Include regular cleaning of equipment, floors and surfaces.
  2. Wear the correct uniform / clothing in the kitchen, as well as non-slip shoes, hair / head protection, a suitable apron / oven gloves.
  3. Sharp objects eg knives can be dangerous so they should be handled / stored properly.
  4. Manufacturer’s instructions should be adhered to when using kitchen equipment. This includes well maintained: appliances, stove, ovens, canopies, ducting.
  5. Wash hands regularly to prevent the spread of germs / cross contamination, when handling waste, using the bathroom, handling raw food for example.
  6. Food should be stored safely.
  7. Cook food safely and correctly.

A commercial kitchen extractor fan is an essential part of a commercial kitchen.

6 Reasons to Use a Reliable Local Extractor Fan Repairer:

  1. Expertise and Knowledge: Local businesses often have an in depth understanding of the required products and services. This can be very valuable to the customer if you need local advice (phone or face to face) or if you are looking for something specific.
  2. Trustworthy: Local businesses that are established and have been in existence for a long time, will have a proven reputation. Referring to a business locally is easier than trying to bring onboard a random business from the internet.
  3. Customising a service: A local businesses can offer extra products and services with access to parts and resources locally to tailor make a service.
  4. Convenient: Often, you can save on time and effort by reaching out to a local business instead of one that operates nationally.
  5. Community based personalised service: A local businesses is usually operated and owned by those who live, breathe and work within the community.
  6. Support your local business and your local community: When you utilise services  from a local business, you are in turn, supporting your local economy.

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