What is a Commercial Kitchen Extraction System?

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What is a Commercial Kitchen Extraction System?

It is essential that you have enough ventilation and extraction in place in every room in your commercial kitchen. Not least from a health and safety perspective. A commercial kitchen extraction system is there mainly to remove things like grease, heat and air impurities to the exterior of the premises. Further benefits to the commercial kitchen include removing steam and dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide.

Having an efficiently running extraction system is very important not just for the operation of the kitchen but to also keep your staff and customers happy and safe.

Essential parts of a commercial extraction system:

  • A stainless steel extractor hood canopy – contains filters to extract bad gases and impurities. Filters should be cleaned from time to time to ensure efficient filtering.
  • Ducting helps to safely channel unwanted gases and impurities outside your premises. Extractor fans remove the fumes from the canopy hood and through the ducting. Ducting contains grease filters and carbon filters.
  • Commercial extractor fan.

By law and to follow local regulations, an extraction system has to be professionally installed and maintained. Failure to do things the right way can result in planning permission being rejected, fire and health risks, and insurance claims being contested.

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Functions of a Commercial Kitchen Extraction System

There is always a risk of fire in a commercial kitchen and having an extraction system in place helps to protect the premises and people visiting and working there. The aim is to:

  • remove odours.
  • ensure the health and safety of staff and customers.
  • removal of poisonous gases produced during cooking.
  • get rid of unwanted particles from the air.

Designing a Commercial Kitchen Extraction System

Kitchen designs for example restaurants, can vary and so they are often custom made to suit the kitchen and the premises. A well designed kitchen will give you a comfortable and safe working environment.

There is much to consider:

  • Building works
  • Kitchen and building layout
  • Types of catering equipment
  • Fuel to be used (eg gas, electric, charcoal)
  • Air quality
  • Correct position of extraction services
  • The correct position and layouts
  • Routes positioned correctly


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You must also consider:

  • Noise suppression systems
  • Gas safety interlock systems
  • Replacement air systems
  • Monitoring levels of carbon dioxide
  • The canopy
  • Extractor ducting
  • Canopy filters
  • Extractor canopy lighting
  • Discharge cowls and louvres
  • Speed controllers and fan power monitoring systems
  • Systems for odour control
  • Carbon filtration
  • Fan boxes and commercial extractor fans

Keep your extractor and kitchen clean

Regular general cleaning and deep cleaning of your canopy, the fan, the duct and the filter, will remove any build up of grease and oil. Maintain your equipment and you will save money and inconvenience in the long run:

  • For a heavy use kitchen: clean twice each week and deep clean every 3 months.
  • A moderately used kitchen: clean once per week and deep clean every 6 to 9 months.
  • Light use: clean once a week and deep clean once a year.

Not cleaning your commercial extraction system for a long period of time will mean it won’t work efficiently. So, this could pose a health threat to workers and customers. Be prepared for Health and Safety inspections, because issues can be flagged & may result in fines or even closure.



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