Running an Efficient Commercial Extraction System

How to Run Efficient Commercial Extraction Systems

Commercial Extraction Systems should contain high quality extraction and exhaust fans. A hot and greasy environment is not very healthy, and a commercial kitchen should be able to endure these types of conditions. Here an extractor canopy provides the necessary change in the quality of air.

The extraction system is usually above the kitchen appliances where anything unwanted in the air is carried out by a fan through ducting. There has to be enough air coming in from outside the building and this is done by supply fans so the extracted air can be replaced with cleaner air.

So having an efficient supply fan as well as a smooth running kitchen extractor fan is very important to keep your kitchen functioning.

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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation and Extraction Systems Video

Do You know What a Commercial Kitchen Extraction System Is?

There are a few main parts that go towards having a reliable, effective kitchen extraction system:

  • A canopy installed with the correct working filters (regular maintenance, cleaning and replacement) so all the gases and impurities in the air can be extracted away from the kitchen.
  • A correctly positioned duct (fans are positioned in the ducting to enable increased ventilation) is used to create a passage for any fumes to be carried out of harm’s way. In most cases, filters will be needed inside the ducting.

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Kitchen Extraction Systems – Legal and Safe

Your kitchen needs to be legally compliant and without everything in the right place, you can even have planning permission rejected by your local council. fan services ltd logoCommercial kitchens are regularly visited by Council officials and Fire Departments; these matters are not to be taken lightly and the law states that everything should be maintained professionally to prevent fires and to minimise harm to customers and work colleagues.

Always keep a maintenance record so it can be easily accessed and checked by everyone concerned.

Prevention is Always Better Than Cure

You will want to do everything you can to prevent a kitchen fire from happening. The repercussions of not managing fire risks can be unimaginable and not keeping on top of things may well affect any insurance claims that you might make if there is a fire.  Here are just some important considerations :

  • Make the safety of your customers and your fellow colleagues a priority
  • Maintain all functionality for extracting carbon monoxide and other poisons
  • Avoid complaints from neighbours who might complain about unbearable smells coming from the kitchen. Maintain all of the filters

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Make Sure You Install the Right Extraction System

Make sure your kitchen extraction system is DW172 compliant and in line with Government Health and Safety guidelines.

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