How Important is a Commercial Kitchen Ventilation and Extraction System?

How Important is a Commercial Kitchen Ventilation and Extraction System?

A commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation system that is fully working, maintained and doing its job for the kitchen and the kitchen staff is really important, it is essential. In basic terms: contaminated air, grease and excess heat is extracted and clean air is allowed in. Temperature inside a food service kitchen, has the potential to get very high so a workplace which is comfortable for chefs and kitchen staff is essential when – they work long hours in demanding roles.

What are the Main Objectives of Ventilation and Extraction?

Mainly to:

  • maintain preferred working environment temperatures in the kitchen and other areas of the premises.
  • make sure all conditions associated meet the strict local and legal guidelines for food hygiene and safety compliance.
  • draw out contaminated air.
  • remove excessive heat.
  • make sure the best working conditions are provided for so staff and customers are safely looked after.
  • remove excessive moisture and steam from working and food preparation areas.

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Why is it Important to Maintain a Kitchen Extraction and Ventilation System?

You can make sure your staff and your customers are safe when they are at your premises. It is a legal requirement to have an efficient running system in place to extract and ventilate from inside the premises of a commercial kitchen.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Maintain excellent air quality for staff and customers.
  • Having the right ventilation in place will mean avoiding potential breathing problems by not breathing in horrible fumes and gases.
  • Stop the build up of grease on ceilings and walls to avoid threats to health and food safety standards.

You can show your customers and your employees that you care about their safety and well-being.


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Ventilation and Extraction – What are the Advantages?

Here are further advantages of having a commercial ventilation system installed:

Be Kind to the Environment

Grease vapour gets moved along the ducting and it is released safely outside the premises. If it isn’t removed correctly it is not only a health risk but it is a pollutant that remains in the air which can be easily inhaled into the lungs.

Stop Dirt and Grease from Building Up

The ducting in a commercial kitchen will see a build up of dirt and grease as time goes on. This means there will be a risk of fire breaking out and well as a reduction ventilation efficiency. As the grease builds up inside a duct, from a thin layer to a much thicker harder to remove layer, the opening inside the duct reduces in size so the extractor fan has to work harder. So then reduced air flow and overheating can occur.

With a proper system and regular professional maintenance of the extraction and ventilation system,  you can avoid the problems mentioned. Having clean, safe air to breathe is the key.

Stay on Top of Unwanted Odours

Odours can be avoided by making sure your kitchen is installed, maintained and cleaned regularly by a professional.

Minimise the Risk of Fire

Failure to clean and maintain a kitchen exhaust can result in a lot of build up of grease and contaminants. This in turn can result in unexpected fires. You can virtually avoid fires by having an efficient, fully functioning ventilation system in place.



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