Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems

What is a Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System?

Synonymous with restaurants, cafes and takeaways that sell and server food to customers, kitchen ventilation refers to fans and vents in a commercial kitchen. Vents and fans are used to remove unsafe air and to prevent build up of carbon monoxide. In the kitchen air contains smoke, steam, and odours caused during the cooking process.

The ventilation system is an essential piece of the jigsaw that keeps a commercial kitchen functioning. It might look like just a box where air can enter, but on closer inspection it is a series of parts that when combined, allows efficient ventilation for the kitchen as well as for health of the kitchen staff. Having a safe working environment is essential.

Even though there are more advanced commercial ventilation systems in the modern age, an effective clean canopy system is needed to minimise the amount of grease that can easily build up.

There is a complex system of working parts which takes air impurities from the kitchen out through an outlet which is positioned for instance, on the roof.

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The Key Parts of a Restaurant Ventilation System

If you have a restaurant, this is what you need to create a kitchen ventilation system:

Certified Fire Suppression in the Kitchen Hood or Nearby

A certified fire suppression system is legally required for all commercial kitchen ventilation systems. A fire suppression system that passes all testing requirements, should put out an oil fire which burns at over 680 degrees Fahrenheit. Chemicals and water are used to extinguish this type of fire.

Commercial Kitchen Canopy

Many of the important parts of the ventilation system are contained in the commercial kitchen canopy (also called a kitchen hood). So the commercial kitchen canopy is the main part of the exhaust system which is positioned inside the premises. You will find the canopy usually above the area where cooking takes place. The strategic positioning is to make sure as much smoke and unwanted particles in the air can be taken from the air so it can’t be inhaled.

The Make-up Air Unit – Ensuring Non Contaminated Air

The make-up unit’s job in principle is to replace polluted unhealthy air from the cooking area inside the kitchen with clean air. At its optimum a make-up unit should be able to replace all of the removed exhaust.

Hood Filter Bank Contains the Grease Filter

A grease filter sits inside the hood filter bank and its job is to make sure any unwanted particles or oil doesn’t get into the actual exhaust system.
Regular cleaning of the filter inside the hood is needed to avoid any excess build up of grease.

Upblast Exhaust Fan Fixed to the Exterior of the Premises

Situated on the exterior of the building is what is called an upblast exhaust fan. This fan is used so to drive the unwanted air out of the ventilation system. There isn’t a problem with any grease spilling out from the ventilation system, because the fan will also filter the grease to avoid grease landing on the roof.

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Types of Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Hoods

– You will need a wall canopy hood when your stove and cooking equipment is positioned against a wall. You can consider installing an island hood on the ceiling when there are no walls around.

Commercial hoods that are used in kitchens are a necessary requirement when you use cooking surfaces that expel anything grease related.

– In a scenario where the cooking surface produces just condensation and heat and condensation, you will require a different type of hood which doesn’t have a grease filter.

Types of Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System – Rooftop Exhaust Fans

Types of exhaust fans for instance:

The Belt Drive Exhaust Fan

Belt drive exhaust fans use a motor shaft which is driven by a belt and motor pulley. However, belt vibration causes friction, leading to a drop in fan performance and repair requirements. Despite this, belt drive fans are a popular choice among restaurant owners due to their cost effectiveness and silent operation.

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The Direct Drive Exhaust Fan

Direct drive exhaust fan blades are connected directly to the motor shaft, eliminating the need for a belt. With fewer components, a direct drive fan is simpler and more straightforward to maintain than a belt driven fan, and this in turn leads to reduced energy consumption.

Although they typically come at a higher cost, some individuals consider the ease of maintenance and cleaning worth the additional investment.

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Types of Commercial Hood Filters

These include:

Spark Arrestors

When solid cooking fuels are used for tasks such as grilling (containing substances such as charcoal or hardwood) and sparks can be seen in the air, spark arrestors should be used.

Hood Filter Material

Composition of a hood filter is primarily either galvanised steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

(i) The less expensive choice would be aluminium which is also very light.

(ii) Galvanised steel filters will last longer and are open to corrosion, but will generally cost more than aluminium filters.  For a low maintenance choice, stainless steel filters however are the most expensive and they have ant-corrosive properties.

Types of Make-up Air Units

  • Tempered make-up air units provide fresh air to the kitchen to replace the air that is extracted by the ventilation system. This ensures that the air remains uncontaminated.
  • In addition, tempered units regulate the temperature of the air, either by cooling or heating, and this enhances working conditions in the kitchen.
  • A make-up air unit which isn’t tempered: these are less expensive than the tempered version.  When experiencing extremes of temperature, this type of unit is more suitable.

Brands We Work With

For our work with our clients, we have ongoing excellent relationships with the leading brands to obtain all of the different parts of a commercial system ventilation system. Some of those brands include: FlaktWoods, Elta Fans, Vent-Axia and Helios.

Commercial Ventilation System Services – Fan Services Ltd

You won’t be disappointed with our commercial kitchen ventilation systems.

Whether you are restoring an existing system or if you’re planning to have an entirely new one, you will be looking for an affordable, effective, fully functioning commercial kitchen.

We will talk with you, meet with you for analysis, surveying and to discuss your needs, and we can then tailor everything to your specific requirements. You can rest assured that your commercial kitchen will always be professionally fitted with quality equipment by our engineers. Our team has extensive experience and always operates to the highest standards.

We help commercial food establishments including:

Fast Food chains and independents
Limited companies and self-employed
Sports Event providers
If you have had a bad experience with a different extractor fan company we will help

Fan Services Ltd provides the following services:

Make Sure You Install the Right Extraction System

Make sure your kitchen extraction system is DW172 compliant and in line with UK Government health and Safety guidelines.

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