Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems from Fan Services Ltd, are available in these extraordinary times of Coronavirus. It’s a top priority for us to maintain top quality, cost effective Commercial Extractor Fan & Commercial Extractor Hood Canopy Services for London and Greater London.  We are safeguarding the health and wellness of clients and our staff.

The unique coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a big impact our communities. So Fan Services Ltd feels it is very important to link directly with you to share the steps we have introduced. These steps will help clients, staff members and the public to remain healthy and risk-free. The health and wellness of our employees and clients is a high priority.

Owners of Fan Services Ltd London

Fan Services Ltd has years of knowledge and experience. For instance, we provide bespoke industrial kitchen extraction systems. So when it comes to expert extractor fan repair and extractor cover installations we’re one of the best there is. At this time we are able to preserve and guarantee all our business procedures without limitations. The Coronavirus outbreak has altered life around London and pretty much every city in the world. Businesses everywhere are battling to overcome many challenges.

Quality Ventilation, Extraction Installation & Repair

Our services are offered to all of the food generating ‘Essential Services Providers’ in London. Regretfully restaurants, coffee shops, bars, food caterers and home entertainment places across London are affected. Doors have had to close to comply with social distancing. Takeaway services have been authorised to deliver to customers in attempts to meet demand. Vulnerable, elderly and self-isolating individuals can order cooked food which is delivered to their homes.


Extraction Systems for Commercial Kitchens

To survive and to keep functioning, lots of dining establishments have had to create take away solutions of their very own. This has been a great benefit to most people isolated at home. So if your commercial cooking system breaks down we can help you. We provide emergency repair services 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. We’re quick.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems

Fan Services Ltd is a reputable trusted choice for London. Some of our previous clients are Subway, KFC, Burger King and Fulham Football Club Foundation. You will be pleased to know that more of our past clients can deliver directly to you during the Coronavirus lockdown period:  Planet Organic, Macellaio Roberto Costa, London Steakhouse Company, and Zing Zing.

We guarantee all work 100% and we want to help as much as we can. Therefore during the Coronavirus lockdown we’re giving a flat 20% price cut on all of our services. Lasting until June 1st 2020 (this will be extended for as long as the official UK Government Lockdown lasts).

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Fan Services Ltd – Highly Regarded as a Leading Specialist in London and Greater London

Our clients don’t regret calling us and we have customers we have been helping for years. Contacting us will be one of the best decisions you make. We have an all-in-one effective installation, fitting, repairing and servicing solution. You want the very best, and our exemplary services at Fan Services Ltd are available to you. Our extraction and ventilation services are for small medium and large kitchens:

  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food chains and independents
  • Pubs
  • Cafes
  • Caterers
  • Industrial
  • Sports Event providers
  • Ltd companies and self employed
  • If you have had a bad experience with a different Extractor Fan Repair company you can do something about it – Fan Services Ltd can help you 100%.

Fan Services Ltd provides the following services:

restaurant canopy installation

Coronavirus Safeguarding

Fan Services Ltd follows strict OSHA and regional health and wellness laws when it comes to maintaining offices and equipment. Here are some of the extra safety measures we have implemented to protect against any spread of the COVID-19 virus:

– Office is cleaned and sanitised more often throughout opening hours.
– All things that customers, staff and colleagues handle are sterilised. This includes things like door handles, chairs, pens, iPads, mirrors, and a lot more.
– Hand sanitiser is always available.
– Employees are advised to make use of appropriate handwashing methods. We all take conventional safety measures against spreading infectious diseases through the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). PPE includes nitrile gloves as well as anti-viral clinical masks where required. We strive to always meet compliance with UK Government directives.
– Employees revealing any symptoms, or employees with family members who are revealing any signs of Covid-19 are advised not to report to work.

commercial extractor fan repairs


Each one of these methods is based on guidance offered by the World Health Organisation. Guidance also comes from city government and also nationwide public health departments. Communities around London and the UK have been coming together and the continuous efforts from the NHS has been absolutely phenomenal.

Fan Services would like to offer sincerest consolences to those whose loved ones and families have been tragically affected by Covid-19.

If Fan Services Ltd customers are experiencing the signs and symptoms of a cold or the virus you can reschedule. You can reschedule if you have been near to somebody with COVID-19. Or if you’re a customer and you have travelled back to the UK in the last 2 weeks from an influenced area you can rescheduled with us.

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Canopy Extractor Fan Repair London

You will always get excellent results when work is carried out by us. We’re here for you now and we’ll be here for you after this terrible pandemic. So no matter what life tosses at you as well as us, we fully appreciate that these are difficult times for everybody.

As a recognized and respectable organisation in London, we can see the everyday influence on life that this virus is having. So if you have any questions about your commercial kitchen and you need our help please call our friendly team of engineers. We’re here to help you.

Fan Services Ltd Offers the Best Commercial Kitchen Extraction Solutions

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Get trusted, experienced and qualified engineers onboard to install or repair your Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems. You will discover how we can help you with all aspectect of repair, installation and extraction in your commercial kitchen. We can 100% promise you a service you will love and one that you will remember!

We have an Emergency Call Out Service available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Get in touch with us and Use our contact form it’s quick and easy to fill out. Or you can email or call our office in London 0203 5391475 / mobile 0759 500 3000 to discuss your requirements.

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