Commercial Kitchen Extraction Installers

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Installers Creating Healthy Cooking Environments

A commercial kitchen doesn’t only involve food preparation. Diners waiting for food to be served aren’t always aware of the technicalities involved behind the scenes & when it comes to running a commercial kitchen.

Kitchen staff are exposed to excess grease, steam, carbon monoxide, heat, and odours amongst other things. If this is not well managed it will cause safety and health issues for all.

An installer should put in place ventilation that removes anything that might cause distress or harm during the cooking processes, as well as anything dangerous that could be inhaled.

A professional commercial kitchen extraction installer will ensure everything is implemented correctly according to the relevant local rules and regulations. It’s essential for every commercial food producing establishment.

Design & Installation of fully complaint commercial kitchen extraction systems

From troubleshooting problems to installing brand new systems, to helping with odour control, planning and flow rates, here is an idea of what we supply and install:

Stainless steel wall mounted canopies, stainless steel island canopies and duel plenum canopies. integration can include for instance: baffle filters, LED spotlights, grease collection trays and lots more.

Do you have issues with…

For instance: regulations, smoke control, odour control, grease control. planning, gas interlocking systems and make up air systems, cook line layout, cook line equipment, ceiling height, routing for duct work? Something else let us know.


Designing the Right Extraction System for a Commercial Kitchen

There are certain rules and regulations in place to protect the building, the kitchen staff and customers. Custom kitchen design and installation takes into account the following:

  • structure.
  • the size of the layout.
  • the premises.
  • There are various kitchen design configurations to suit the way a building has been constructed as well as the different kitchen layouts.

Having the best possible kitchen ventilation cannot be underestimated. Anything that shouldn’t be in the air during cooking should be extracted and replaced with fresh air. Carbon monoxide gases are generated during cooking so an extraction system will take care of that.

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A commercial kitchen extraction design and installation service incorporates:

  • Extraction Canopy
  • Odour control systems
  • Carbon filtration system
  • Extractor ducting
  • Mesh and baffle filters
  • Gas safety interlock system
  • Replacement air systems
  • Bulkhead lighting
  • Speed controller

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Supply and Installation London

An installation, can range from more simple to complex. All components must work together so everything can work in unison.

We’ve seen extractor hoods installed with random ductwork and extractor fans and it’s not the best sight. So, to prevent this, a commercial kitchen extraction supply & install company like Fan Services, will make sure everything is set up correctly (including extractor fan, extractor canopy hood and ducting compatibility).

You should get an installation team to take care of the install, the testing, the certification, and the final commissioning.

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Extraction Canopy Essentials – Gas or Electricity

A commercial extraction canopy installed for a gas stove will need an external exhaust point to meet environmental health regulations.

At times when there is no obvious gas connection available, it is understandable that you the business owner will want to keep costs down. Having cooking equipment reliant on electricity will help with this.

There is an added advantage to using electricity instead of gas. It helps to enhance kitchen safety because there are no harmful impurities in the air.  Therefore, it is worth noting that excess heat is also reduced as a result of using an electric hob instead of gas where lower controller settings can be used.

Gas is used in the majority of commercial kitchens in London, but using electric can remove the need for gas safety interlocking installation.

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Essential Components of a Commercial Extraction Canopy

This may include the following:

Speed control and fans: The fans (ERP Compliant) are included to move fumes from the hood to the ducts – suitable for voltage inverter speed control.

Drawer with a drip channel:

  • There is a concern that condensed air will collect and drip down both the back and the sides of the exhaust canopy. This could potentially contaminate any food positioned underneath.
  • The drip channel is there to collect and channel the water vapour produced from cooking.
  • The drawer can be emptied to remove any moisture and liquid.

Canopy lights: the lights should be easy to clean, be heat resistant, and have glass which is shatter proof. Ideally canopy lights should have a recessed fitting with LED energy saving lamps fitted into place.

Filters: a filter prevents grease from building up and will filter out other airborne particles.

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We have installed many commercial kitchen ventilation systems / extraction canopies. Fan Services supplies and installs for commercial food establishments including:

Fast Food chains and independents
Dark kitchens
Limited companies and self employed
Sports Event providers

Fan Services Ltd provides the following services:

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