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Quality Commercial Extractor Hoods and Commercial Extractor Canopies can be supplied & installed in one visit.  A commercial kitchen requires an expertly created ventilation system to run efficiently in order to reduce smoke, heat, grease, and unwanted odours caused by everyday cooking.

All of us enjoy eating tasty meals but behind the scenes of restaurants, cafes and commercial cooking establishments, the cooking in the kitchen can be labour intensive, hot and very messy.

If your kitchen doesn’t have enough ventilation in its design you run the risk of receiving the wrong type of attention from the local planning authority. Scenario: if your kitchen ventilation hasn’t been maintained, and you experience a fire, any insurance claim made will be contested.

In 2024, commercial extractor hoods usually made from stainless steel, work effectively to remove contaminants such as grease, smoke and odours out of commercial kitchens. In turn, this ensures a clean and healthy environment for both the chefs and for kitchen staff.  So, by eliminating any airborne contaminants, a kitchen extraction system works to provide healthy air to breathe for staff and customers.

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Commercial Cooker Hoods & Canopies

Should Be Clean and Efficient.

Your kitchen staff deserve to work in a safe environment. Make sure your kitchen and dining area are protected from any unwanted, unpleasant cooking odours and take fumes, hot air and grease away. For something from a full range canopy to a smaller hood Fan Services can help.

Extractor Canopy Supplied & Installed

in your Commercial Kitchen.

Choosing the right extractor canopy hood that works like clock-work for your particular kitchen will go a long way to preventing those things that restrict the normal day to day running of your kitchen. You need to have a clear outline of your requirements and you need to have the exact extraction system to suit the kitchen you have.

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Commercial Extractor Hoods

– Used for Different Purposes.

Most ventilation systems come with a hood that will draw out (extract) large amounts of smoke and grease while others will remove and reduce excessive heat.

Perhaps your kitchen uses deep fryers and grills more regularly? If this is the case, you would choose something that removes / absorbs oils and particles that are in the air. Or perhaps you want a system to replace stale air (and steam and heat caused by ovens and pressure cookers) with much fresher air.

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Types of Commercial Extractor Canopies.

All of the commercial extractor hood canopies we supply and fit are made to measure. Our canopies are constructed from 1.2mm 304 stainless steel to meet with DW172 guidance.

Here we will mention that there are several types of commercial canopies you should know about, including wall-mounted (plate axial fan), ceiling-mounted, and island-mounted.
Wall mounted extractor hood canopy – installed on the wall above the cooking area
Wall mounted extractor hood with supply air section
ceiling mounted canopy – installed in the ceiling above the cooking area
island mounted extractor hood type – suspended from the ceiling and installed over the cooking area usually in the centre of the kitchen.
Condense box extractor hood canopy

The type of commercial extractor hoods you have will depend on what your kitchen is set up to do.

  • If you have limited kitchen space, a wall-mounted extractor hood is ideal. This type of extractor fan doesn’t occupy any floor space.
  • An island extractor hood is more appropriate if a kitchen is more open plan (and cooking equipment is usually positioned away from walls).
  • Where a high ceiling and when island or wall or island mounting isn’t available, a ceiling-mounted extractor hood offers the ideal solution.
  • Canopy-style extractors provide excellent extraction performance and are integrated more discretely with the existing kitchen design.

In addition, an extractor hood for a commercial kitchen is an important part of the design and aesthetic of a kitchen. Many extractor systems have a sleek and stylish appearance, and can be custom made to match the overall kitchen design even when you are struggling to find the exact size you need.

We supply and install exactly what is required. For instance here are some specifications you might need that we provide (ask us for anything additional):

Extraction canopy, 1000mm Wide, Wall mounted, 700mm deep, Wall / snack type canopy hood, Quality stainless steel, Grease filters, Robustly construction, Combi-steel, 900mm, Compact type, Under cabinet, Stainless steel, To suite different extraction rates, Baffle filters, Lighting, Hood, 1500mm wide, Extractor hood canopy, 1200mm wide, 610mm deep, With motor, Remote controlled.

Wall Mounted Extraction Hood with Grease Filters

Importance of a Grease Filter

A Grease filter as you might already know, is an essential component of a commercial extractor hood. The filter traps grease and solid particles from the air and prevents these from entering into the ductwork. Grease is a fire hazard and can cause blockages. Capturing grease equates to having a cleaner kitchen and reduces odours.

Having grease filters installed allows for more regulated air to flow, and enables more efficient ventilation. Without effective grease filtration, hygiene and fire issues can result in grease buildup on kitchen surfaces & in ducts.

Types of Grease Filters

There are different types of grease filters used within a commercial extractor hood. Two examples are the baffle filter and the mesh filter.

  • Baffle filters have multiple layers which are designed to catch grease as air passes through. These are highly effective for trapping grease and allowing air to flow.
  • The mesh filter has layers of fine metal mesh and these capture grease droplets.

As you can see, they have functional differences, and so they are maintained in different ways. A baffle filter can be cleaned in a standard dishwasher because it is sturdier. Mesh filters on the other hand, often require close manual cleaning and even more regular replacement.

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Fume Extraction Hoods

Hoods that remove fumes (have a system of vents / ducting) that carry the fumes outside. All the harmful gases produced during cooking are expelled out of the building,

Ducted Extraction

When cooking is continuous a ducted extractor hood above an oven is vital.

Recirculating Extraction

Recirculating extraction hoods don’t require external ventilation. Instead of expelling air outside, this type of hood uses filters to purify the air before recirculating it back into the kitchen.

Noted that this method may not be as efficient as ducted extraction, but it’s suitable for smaller commercial kitchens or locations where installing ductwork is challenging or just not possible.

Recirculating extractor hoods can be found in cafes or small eateries that have limited space and less cooking. Venting through walls or ceilings isn’t needed.

Custom Made Commercial Extractor Canopies.

The space should complement the size of the actual ventilation system. Things to consider:

• Determine the total size occupied by the cooking appliances, available air pressure and flow.
• Consider the design of your kitchen.
• Having a bigger ventilation system does not necessarily mean that your ventilation / extraction system will have more power. Don’t waste your hard earned money on something you don’t actually need.

Custom Size Requirements for Extractor Hoods

Custom sizing is crucial. Each kitchen layout and design is unique with different sized walls, floors, ceilings and space to cook, store and ventilate.

The Importance of Custom Sizing

An extractor hood should fit perfectly, and one that is made to measure offers optimal functionality and efficiency.

A measured extractor hood will integrate seamlessly with any existing ventilation equipment / systems.

  • Prevents air leakage or inadequate capture area. Effectiveness of the extractor hood can be compromised. By making a hood exact to size, you can get the best performance from your hood.

Custom extractor hood sizing enables a restaurant to address what can be unique spatial constraints where there are different rooms, cooking areas & floor spaces within the premises.

Considerations for Custom Sizing

When considering custom size requirements for commercial extractor hoods, several factors come into play.

  • The dimensions of cooking equipment, such as ranges, grills, or fryers, dictate the necessary width and depth of the hood canopy to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Ceiling height influences the overall height of the hood to guarantee proper capture and containment of airborne contaminants.

Moreover, local building codes and regulations often stipulate specific clearance distances between cooking appliances and combustible materials like cabinets or walls. Adhering to these guidelines is essential when determining the appropriate size for an extractor hood installation.

In addition to physical dimensions, airflow capacity must be calculated based on heat output from cooking equipment and anticipated levels of smoke production during peak hours. An oversized or undersized extractor system can lead to inefficiencies in ventilation performance or excessive noise levels within the kitchen environment.

Get More Value From your HVAC

Hood & Kitchen Extraction System.

The extractor fan and canopy are generally the main elements that will help to keep your kitchen clean and odour free. It takes time for dirt to build up. The grease and dirt builds up gradually. Not maintaining this can be hazardous for your kitchen. So, cleaning your kitchen on a month to month basis is advisable to avoid accidents, hazards and to minimise the chance of your extraction system catching fire.

Control Humidity

Mildew and mould build up in commercial kitchens can become a problem. Steam as well as humidity can cause this. Using a cleanser is just a temporary solution. Using a commercial extractor brings in moist air, and so it is more difficult for mould and mildew to build up.

Odour Fumes and Steam Control

An extractor fan will remove cooking odours, fumes and steam and will reduce smoke damage and grease to walls and ceilings.

Removes Gases and Smoke

Airborne pollutants can be very harmful unless an efficient effective extraction solution is in place.

Heat Removal

Heat rises and tends to be more concentrated on the ceiling. An extractor fan and canopy positioned above on the ceiling will allow hot air to rise. The air is collected by the canopy and is extracted by the extractor fan into the atmosphere.

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Improved Air Quality

A commercial extractor hood draws in any polluted air and will filter it before the air is carried through ducts to outside of the premises. In turn, with a recirculating extractor, clean air is brought into the kitchen to replace the bad air which is extracted. This efficient process of extraction & ventilation. helps to maintain fresh air within the cooking area, and at the same time prevents any buildup of harmful fumes.

Fire Safety

One significant advantage of installing a commercial extractor hood and extraction canopy is its contribution to fire safety. The hood’s ventilation system, including extractor fans and an extraction canopy, removes grease particles from the air, reducing the risk of fire hazards in commercial kitchens where cooking activities generate high levels of heat and oil splatters.

In addition to preventing potential fires, some advanced extractor hoods equipped with fire suppression systems swiftly extinguish flames in the cooking space, ensuring kitchen ventilation and safety in commercial kitchens.

Kitchen Size and Layout

When the time comes for you to choose a suitable extractor hood for your kitchen, the kitchen’s layout and size should be considered. A bigger kitchen usually requires a more powerful extraction system and fan & more ducting. This is because of much higher volumes of smoke and steam generated by a kitchen.

For example, an open-plan kitchen with multiple cooking stations would benefit from larger canopy-style extractors positioned strategically above each workstation to ensure comprehensive coverage across all areas where food preparation takes place.

Compliance with Regulations

Another important factor when choosing a commercial extractor hood is ensuring compliance with local building regulations regarding ventilation requirements for all commercial kitchens. Different UK regions have specific guidelines related to airflow rates, ductwork design, noise levels, and filtration standards for legal operation, including kitchen ventilation and commercial kitchen extraction.

Ensuring that your chosen kitchen ventilation and commercial kitchen extraction extractor hood meets these regulatory standards not only guarantees safe working conditions, but also prevents you from getting potential fines or penalties resulting from non-compliance with the relevant industry regulations.

Health and Safety Standards

In addition to safety standards, commercial extractor hoods must meet certain health regulations. These regulations focus on maintaining air quality. For example, a restaurant might be required to install carbon filters or UV sterilisation units as part of their extractor hood system set up.

If a regular maintenance schedule is put in place by a registered Local Authority, it has to be followed. If you already operate a commercial kitchen, you should always keep up to date with regulations and standards.

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Commercial Kitchen Cooker Hood Benefits:

  • Improved Air Quality: Commercial extractor hoods are there to remove smoke, grease, and unwanted odours from the kitchen. A real benefit for the kitchen staff who tend to work long shifts in hot temperatures. As mentioned earlier, the air in the kitchen will be fresh and healthier as a result.
  • Improved Kitchen Safety & Reduced Risks of a Fire: Ventilation system surfaces can be negatively affected by the buildup of grease and kitchen fumes.

Maintenance Tips for Commercial Extractor Hoods

Regular cleaning and maintenance is crucial to ensure optimal functionality.

  • Clean grease filters often, to prevent blockages.
  • Inspect ductwork regularly to quickly spot potential ventilation obstruction.
  • When cleaning stainless steel exteriors, use a mild detergent with a soft cloth. This will help to preserve surfaces and the surface won’t get damaged.
  • It is good practice to schedule a professional inspection at regular intervals throughout the year. Keeping up instead of catching up will save time and money in the long run.

Safety Compliance and Health Regulations for Extractor Hoods

An extractor hood used in commercial settings must always comply with safety standards.

Important Fire Safety Standards

These standards cover fire safety, electrical safety, and ventilation efficiency.

It is regarded as a safety advantage for an extractor hood to have fire suppression systems in case of a fire caused – for example – by the buildup of grease buildup. Electrical safety requirements are there to prevent hazards such as electric shocks or short circuits.

Ventilation efficiency guidelines have to be followed and they are set out by official regulatory bodies. By complying with these standards, businesses benefit by having a safe place to work and dine.

Power Requirements for Cooker Hoods in Restaurants

Most hoods have relatively high-power requirements. The extractor fan and ventilation system effectively remove unwanted impurities from the air continuously and consistently whenever called upon.

Power Consumption

The power consumption of these cooker hoods is much higher compared to domestic cookers. For instance, a large commercial kitchen might require a cooker hood with a power consumption of around 1-2 kilowatts to ensure efficient ventilation.

An extraction system will often come with a powerful extractor fan, so heavy-duty cooking processes are handled seamlessly. Commercial & industrial fans are used for extended periods of time and at high speeds. So, as you can see, more power is required so running costs are higher as well.

Electrical Supply for Hood Installation

The installation of a commercial kitchen canopy requires careful consideration, especially as the electrical supply to a hood requires more power. A connection should be made to a dedicated electrical supply that can handle the load. In many cases, it’s necessary to install additional wiring.

Ensure the electrical supply meets safety standards and regulations.

  • Use the right wiring and circuit breakers.
  • Use other safety devices to prevent electrical hazards.
  • Improper electrical installation can pose serious safety risks and can compromise overall functionality of the ventilation system.

Overall Maintenance and Operating Costs

Ongoing maintenance and running costs are higher than domestic use. Commercial extractor hoods require lots of power and they run continuously for many hours at a time. This all translates into higher energy bills.

Regular maintenance is crucial if you want all parts of your extraction to run continuously with no downtime. There are a lot of moving parts (hood, fan, ducting, motors, vents, lights etc) and components involved.

  • cleaning or replacing filters.
  • inspect electrical connections.
  • addressing any issues that may arise.

The cost of maintenance should be factored into your overall budget for running your kitchen.

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Achieve Lower Running Costs.

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Install an extractor canopy hood and reduce your utility bills. Comparing an automatic cooling system to an efficient extractor fan system:

• An efficient extraction system uses much less energy compared to an automatic cooling system. Auto cooling systems are usually set up to maintain the same temperatures as well.

The reasons and benefits for having your own kitchen extraction system (commercial extractor fan with extractor fan services ltd logocanopy / hood) are there to see. The reliable benefits to the kitchen and the kitchen staff will be seen very quickly. A custom designed ventilation system is worth considering and it is 100% best for you to find an extractor canopy supply and installation expert.

Fan Services Ltd provides extensive ventilation and commercial extractor and canopy services.

With Fan Services Ltd you will discover how we will solve the issues you have. We 100% promise you a service you will be happy with!



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We are a leading supplier and installer of commercial kitchen hoods and canopies made to measure. The products and services we offer are of the highest quality for London and the surrounding counties. Affordable canopies with installation. Highest grade stainless steel from a selection of the biggest brands all meeting DW172 guidelines.

A commercial kitchen ventilation system that’s well designed, removes poisonous carbon monoxide gases and grease elements from the air in compliance with requirements by local authorities and and the HSE. Carbon monoxide causes drowsiness, death and severe illness.


 Commercial extractor hoods & canopies

supply & install service.

For small, medium and large sized commercial kitchen environments:

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  • Fast Food chains and independents
  • Pubs
  • Bakery
  • Takeaway
  • Cafes
  • Caterers
  • Industrial
  • Sports Event providers
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Are you revamping an aged kitchen, designing a new one, or updating some or all of your commercial kitchen equipment? Sometimes it’s necessary to put extra investment into maintaining your ventilation system. Having quality equipment and parts in your kitchen means the difference between your kitchen running more smoothly for years to come – or not.

We supply and install a range of commercial extractor hoods. Eliminate unwanted heat, smoke, fumes and other impurities from your kitchen. You might already be aware, each kitchen comes in different shapes and sizes and we have the commercial extraction to suit you – made to measure. Is it premium stainless steel you are looking for, or something alternative? Contact Fan Services for guaranteed expertise.

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