Commercial Extractor Hoods and Commercial Extractor Canopies

Commercial Extractor Hood and Commercial Extractor Canopies

Commercial Extractor Hoods and Commercial Extractor Canopies have the same use and function. Commercial kitchens require an expertly created ventilation system which should run efficiently in order to reduce smoke, heat, grease, and unwanted odours caused by everyday cooking. We enjoy eating tasty meals but behind the scenes of restaurants, cafes and commercial cooking establishments, the cooking can be labour intensive, hot and very messy.

Choose the Correct Ventilation System for Your Commercial Kitchen

Choosing the right extractor canopy hood that works like clock-work for your particular kitchen will go a long way to preventing those things that restrict the normal day to day running of your kitchen. You need to have a clear outline of your requirements and you need the exact extraction system for the kitchen you try so hard to look after.

vented extractor fan hood

Commercial Extractor Hoods – Different Purposes

Most ventilation systems come with a hood that will draw out (extract) large amounts of smoke and grease while others will remove and reduce excessive heat.

Perhaps your kitchen staff use deep fryers and grills more regularly? In this case you would choose something that removes / absorbs oils and particles that are in the air. Or perhaps you would need to have a system which will replace stale air (and steam and heat caused by ovens and pressure cookers) with fresher air?

commercial extractor canopy

Commercial Extractor Canopy Types

All our extractor hood canopies are made to measure. Our canopies are constructed from 1.2mm 304 stainless steel to meet with DW172 guidance.

• Wall mounted extractor hood canopy
• Wall mounted extractor hood with supply air section
• Island type extractor hood.
• Condense box extractor hood canopy

Commercial Extractor Canopy – Size is Important

The space should complement the size of the actual ventilation system. Things to consider:

• Determine the total size occupied by the cooking appliances, available air pressure and flow.
• Consider the design of your kitchen.
• Having a bigger ventilation system does not necessarily mean that your ventilation / extraction system will have more power. Don’t waste your hard earned money on something you don’t actually need.


How to Get More Value From your Kitchen Extraction System

The extractor fan and canopy are generally the main elements that will help to keep your kitchen clean and odour free. It takes time for dirt to build up and the grease and dirt builds up gradually. Not maintaining this can be hazardous for your kitchen. Cleaning your kitchen on a month to month basis is advisable to avoid accidents, hazards and the risk of your extraction system catching fire.

Control Humidity

Mildew and mould build up in commercial kitchens can become a problem. Steam as well as humidity can cause this. Using a cleanser is just a temporary solution. Using a commercial extractor brings in moist air, and so it is more difficult for mould and mildew to build up.

Odour Fumes and Steam Control

An extractor fan will remove cooking odours, fumes and steam as will reduce smoke damage and grease to walls and ceilings.

Removes Gases and Smoke

Airborne pollutants can be very harmful unless an efficient effective extraction solution is in place.

Heat Removal

Heat rises and tends to be more concentrated on the ceiling. An extractor fan and canopy positioned above on the ceiling will allow hot air to rise. The air is collected by the canopy and is extracted by the extractor fan into the atmosphere.

Improved Cleanliness and Lower Running Costs

An installed extractor canopy hood will reduce the utility bills. Comparing an automatic cooling system to an efficient extractor fan system:

• An efficient extraction system uses much less energy compared to an automatic cooling system. Auto cooling systems are usually set up to maintain the same temperatures as well.

The reasons and benefits for having your own kitchen extraction system (commercial extractor fan with extractor Fan services ltd logocanopy / hood) are there to see. The reliable benefits to the kitchen and the kitchen staff will be seen very quickly. A custom designed ventilation system is worth considering and it is 100% best for you to find an extractor canopy supply and installation expert.

Fan Services Ltd provides extensive ventilation and commercial extractor and canopy services.

During Lockdown and the difficult times businesses have had been going through since Coronavirus, we have been here to help and to support the Food Services Industry where we possibly can. With Fan Services Ltd you will discover how we can help you with all aspects of commercial kitchen extraction services. We can 100% promise you a service you will be happy with and one that you will remember!

Our extraction and ventilation services are for small, medium and large sized kitchen environments:

  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food chains and independents
  • Pubs
  • Cafes
  • Caterers
  • Industrial
  • Sports Event providers
  • Ltd companies and self employed

Fan Services Ltd provides the following services:

Fan Services Ltd continues to support local food establishments during the terrible Coronavirus times.

Get trusted, experienced and qualified engineers onboard to install or repair your Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems. You will discover how we can help you with all aspectect of repair, installation and extraction in your commercial kitchen in London and Surrounding Counties. We can 100% promise you a service you will love and one that you will remember!

We have an Emergency Call Out Service available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Get in touch with us and Use our contact form it’s quick and easy to fill out. Or you can email or call our office in London 0203 5391475 / mobile 0759 500 3000 to discuss your requirements.

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