Commercial Extractor Fan Repair Near Me

Commercial Extractor Fan Repair Near Me

Commercial extractor fans are a fixture in many workplaces and businesses. A local engineer can visit your premises quicker and fix every type of commercial kitchen extractor fan and restaurant canopy fan. Our professionals are trained in a wide range of fields, which includes Extraction, Ventilation and ductwork systems.

We know that it is essential to inspect the fans regularly to extend the life of the fan and to prevent them from failing.

Correct extract systems and air intake systems are one of the most important components in an Commercial kitchen system, as it helps with temperature regulation and to distribute fresh air inside the kitchen and premises.

If your unit is faulty and not working properly, you may end up spending more on your energy bills and face several unpleasantries.


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Local Commercial Fan Repair Benefits

There are many benefits to using a local fan repair company rather than trying to do it yourself. It’s important to find someone qualified to do the job, because it’s dangerous to attempt it on your own.

There are many reasons why you should use a professional engineer to prevent any damages from occurring:

– A natural thought is that you want to save money by doing it yourself, but this is not advisable. Therefore professional companies like Fan Services Ltd are always the best option.

– You will want to make sure that all local regulation and best practices are met

When you choose a local extractor fan repair company, you might think that the only advantage is the proximity to where you are located. After all, if you live in London, why would you need to go out of your way to hire a specialist from somewhere else?


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While they may seem like a simple, functional piece of equipment, extractor fans have an important job in helping your food business to run smoothly. They take away the heat and moisture that’s produced during all kitchen cooking processes and help to maintain a more hygienic, safer environment for your employees and customers. When you’re operating in a commercial kitchen, you need extractor fans that will stand up to heavy wear-and-tear and be able to handle the demands of everyday use.

It’s possible that the fan for your hood system needs to be repaired or replaced – if it’s not working correctly, it can lead to issues such as food contamination, poor sanitation practices, and kitchen fires. That’s why we here are your local extractor fan repair services near you – to ensure everything is working properly.


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Professionals Deal Directly with Manufacturers

When you have to get your extractor fan repaired, you may be tempted to call the company that manufactured it. It’s understandable; they make these things, so they must know how to fix them, right? Not necessarily. Many times, the central companies are more focused on getting the newest gadgets off the assembly line than repairing an old one.

A local company can provide extra provisions such as:

– System design

– planning permission support

– Installation

– Consulting

– Preventative maintenance

– upgrades and replacement

– Custom designs


You need to look for companies that specialise in commercial equipment or in industrial installations and they will bear the stress of fixing things for you.

If you have an extractor fan that is having problems, hire a professional service near you to take care of the problem. A local commercial extractor fan service will be able to give you answers about any issues that you might be having with your extractor fan. They can also inform you about the best fans for your specific situation, as well as how to take measures to make sure that your new fan stays in good working order for years.

Remember a restaurant ventilation and extraction system is a very important component of a commercial kitchen and it must always be working properly. If you are in need of a local service in London for your commercial kitchen we can help. Call us today for a quote and to schedule a consultation.


Ask Fan Services Ltd if you need help

We help with all aspects of maintenance, supply, installation, repair and professional duct cleaning. We have the experience you and your business needs, and we’re trusted by our customers. Our professional engineers are exceptionally qualified in all aspects of Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems. We can 100% promise you a service you will greatly appreciate.

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Fan Services Ltd helps commercial kitchen establishments including:

Fast Food chains and independents
Limited companies and self employed
Sports Event providers
If you have had a bad experience with a different extractor fan company we will help – you can rely on us.

Fan Services Ltd provides the following services:

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Are You Looking for a Local Service in London

Are you a business in London looking for a local service to help you with kitchen ventilation and extraction? Let us help you! We are specialists in repairing, installing and designing commercial extractor fan systems, while also providing maintenance and servicing for all commercial food places such as restaurants and cafes – all over London.

Fan Services Ltd is long established and based in London in the UK. We will get your kitchen up and running quickly if you are having any problems!  We provide services for City of London, Inner London as well as Outer London.

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We will establish your needs and fix the problem for you. We’re ready to repair things like your commercial kitchen fan, hood, ducting and more.

Our Emergency Call Out Service is available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Don’t take any short cuts you need the best possible service & a company that has an excellent reputation. You can use our contact form – it’s quick and easy to fill out. Or you can email or call our office number in London 0203 5391475 / mobile phone 0759 500 3000 to discuss your requirements. Contact us for a free chat and quote.

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