Commercial Extractor Fan Repair and Maintenance Tips

Commercial Extractor Fan Maintenance Tips

Here you will find tips around maintenance for a commercial extractor fan. Cleaning should be done regularly. When you notice the first signs of something going wrong with your fan, you should consider having a commercial extractor fan professional look at it.

Your fan should be environmentally safe in terms of limiting different odours in the air. Those odours can be caused for example by bacteria and from dirt building up. This in turn can potentially put the health of your kitchen staff and your customers at serious risk.

If you don’t keep your commercial extractor fan running inefficiently and in clean condition, this can cause fire risk and fatalities.

Naturally, air quality inside buildings is less clean than the fresher air outside. Maintaining your kitchen extraction equipment will save on costs in the long term and will ensure that you have a unit you can rely on in the long term.

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Maintenance Tips to Achieve the Best Performance

Here are some tips to make sure your fan works at optimal performance:

Commercial Extractor Fan Monthly Cleaning

Prevent major problems from arising by scheduling some time out each month, to clean the extractor fan in your kitchen. Even a couple of hours each time is time well spent.

Extractor Fan for a Commercial Kitchen – A Cleaner Filter

A commercial kitchen extractor fan can become filled with thick hard to remove grease and dirt, if they have been ignored for a long period of time. So it is harder to clean when regular cleaning has not been carried out.

So for instance you can: every 1 to 2 weeks remove the filters and give them a thorough clean. Use a degreaser followed by hot soapy water. Then clean the areas that surround the filters.

Fan for a Commercial Kitchen – Brush the Extractor Fan Vents

Ideally use an appropriately sized brush to sweep any dirty vents. Not too small and not too large, so you use this time effectively.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner on the Vents

If the vents have been neglected and are left uncleaned, the fan blades can become very sticky. As a result, any dust in the air will stick to the blades. So, what can happen is the fan will slow down, and a worst case scenario is that the extractor fan you rely on will break.

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Maintain the extractor fan in your commercial kitchen – It’s really important!

Create a regular maintenance schedule to ensure your commercial extraction system is clean and safe.  Include filters as well as the extraction and supply grills every two to three months. The amount of cleaning and effort will depend on:

  • the system that you have
  • the quality of the filters
  • how often the extractor fan unit is used.

Having a fully functional extractor fan is a necessity as you will already be aware. Extractor fans not only remove unwanted steam and moisture, but they also help to provide cleaner air for everyone, so harmful toxins and particles cannot contaminate food and are not inhaled.

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