As we promised Fan Services is your A to Z experts in all commercial Kitchen ventilation and extraction systems.

Whether it’s a broken down fan, an overheated kitchen or system upgrade, you can rely on our team of dedicated specialist to provide immediate and honest advice. We will thoroughly investigate your system and outline our recommendations to remedy the faults, guaranteeing that your system will be restored to maximum operating standards within the shortest time frame possible.

This may include:

• Fan replacement

• Installation of access hatches with panel doors

• Installation/ replacement of Carbon Filters

• Change of duct and/or canopy

• Adding UV Filtration, Ozone odour control or Electrostatic filter (ESP)

• Rectifying emergency commercial extractor or ventilation faults/24 hours a day 7 days a week


All of our products are specifically designed for your individual requirements. Our prices are extremely competitive and in line with your business needs.