Did you know that in London a kitchen extractor system catches fire, on average, every nine days!

To keep your kitchen ventilation and extraction system operating efficiently it is vital that they are kept clean regularly. It is also a legal obligation that this is carried out in accordance with British Standards, as insurance companies, Fire Safety Officers and Environmental Health Officers all require evidence of such. Fan Services will undertake all cleaning and service in accordance with up-to-date legislation, providing you with the necessary certificate and photographic proof of work carried out.

Fan Services specialists are fully compliant with TR19 and are happy to provide regular cleaning to your duct, extractor fan and canopy to ensure that the grease building up around the extractor system is kept to the minimum. We will provide you with the appropriate certification to meet your insurance requirements.



Advantages of keeping your ventilation and extraction system in clean working order:

System Life: Regular cleaning will prolong the life span of your system. Your ventilation and extractor system includes vital components which can be costly to replace. Failure to keep these in satisfactory working order could lead to system damage and accrue significant costs.

Money Savings: Ensuring your system operates at optimum performance will keep costs down. It is estimated that by carrying out regular cleaning you could save up to 20 per cent of your annual energy consumption. Over time these savings will amount to a considerable sum.

Time Efficiency: Productivity of your staff may be affected if the temperature in your kitchen is too hot as a result of inefficient cleaning of your extractor system. It is crucial that the build-up of grease around the extractor fan and ducting is not allowed to accumulate as this will become a fire hazard and contravenes Health and Safety requirements.